The water level in the Chinese rivers dangerously high

The water level in the Chinese rivers dangerously high danger zone

The longest waterway of the Yangtze River in China recorded a record high water levels caused by the constant rainfall. For coastal flood hazard exists, the movement of ships and boats on the river difficult. From the 46 to 56-thousand increased the volume of water flowing over the dam, "Three Gorges", which raised the water level at 2 meters.

The dam has already launched emergency mechanisms to protect and control the water flow, as meteorological forecasts for the central and eastern parts of China are predicting rain and thunderstorms continued for another week. Other dams on the river are also preparing for heavy duty work to prevent the situation in the province of Sichuan, where at the moment among the 13 people killed and one was missing.
If Yangtze starts to flood, it will exacerbate an already dire situation in Anhui province, which already has sunk 9 people, 1.22 million affected by the rains in some degree. Evacuated 1,042 people, destroyed 781 residential building, flooded 82,400 hectares of agricultural land. The direct economic loss is 434 million yuan (68.9 million USD). In Sichuan damaged about 37,000 homes, the rain broke a quiet life of more than 4.6 million people, mostly residents of this city on the rivers and Miao Xiang.

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