The worst enemy of the Antarctic — researchers

The worst enemy of the Antarctic — the researchers are interested in

Antarctica is still the most extensive in the world a place with virtually untouched wilderness. However, the scientists admit that their work has a negative impact on the safety of this unique place. Besides the usual warming and melting ice pose a risk increase in the inflow of tourists, launched in fishing and getting along with expeditions of living organisms from other parts of the world.

Scientific and geological expedition in search of new deposits of minerals, oil and gas also shorten the life of this quiet icy continent, despite the fact that since 1962, between 50-Tew countries signed an agreement on emergency stocks in Antarctica. Each year following the agreement so long is becoming increasingly difficult, given how fast natural resources are consumed in other continents.
While these developments constrain the difficult weather conditions, but global warming could change, as it did with Alaska, formerly also considered odd frost and harsh, and now it is almost a major supplier of oil to the world. Climate warming and the likely appearance of the first permanent human settlement in Antarctica, and with it the usual environmental problems inherent in other continents.
Perhaps scientists should hold their ambitions and try to direct them to the conservation of Antarctic ice expanse in the form in which they are now supporting the existing agreements and strengthening them.

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