They believe that talking to the dead



These people claim to be able to talk to the souls of the dead with a special radio equipment. In 1969, in the British town of Gerrards Cross showed up Latvian middle-aged doctor with a solid collection of audio recordings.

He argued that for many years has studied the possibility of communicating with the dead, and in the course of these experiments, he was able to establish contact with Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, and many other famous people who died in the 20th century. Record — and there were as many as 72,000 — contained voices of the "order" of the world.

The doctor himself called Constantine After giving birth, and in his experiments he used a technique called "electronic voice projection."

Sessions communicate with the spirits of place as follows: Doctor asked questions, and then put a tape recorder to record. Then, listening to the recording, through noise and interference are sometimes caught what looked like human speech.

After giving birth to a book in which he described the results of his research and brought it to a friend the publisher — Colin Smith. Smith became interested in, but in order to get approval for the publication, he had to convince the head of the publishing house, it's not a hoax.

To this end, There were several sessions of "communion with the spirits" to which were invited publishing bosses. At one of these high assembly could hear the voice of the pianist Artur Schnabel, with which some of those present were familiar. The book was published under the title "Breakthrough" and added fuel to the fire of spiritualism craze of the second half of the 20th century.

In these days of "electronic projection votes" addicted Ghostbusters around the world. This technique, the subject of hundreds of online forums where serious and educated people in all seriousness, their experience of "dialogue" with the other world.

After giving birth, in his book claimed that Hitler had spoken with him in the Latvian language. When he was asked — how is it that the Fuhrer in his lifetime did not know Latvian — the doctor replied that, most likely, is the theft of the individual. The spirits do not necessarily tell the truth. Some might impersonate famous people to be able to communicate with the world of the living.

One reasonable explanation appears in the record otherworldly "voices" — accidentally caught by radio signals. Usually they are so weak that they are very difficult to hear the words, so that the researcher is forced to accompany his own record transcript. This, say the skeptics, a strong point of these records. At the authenticity of distinct voices hardly anyone would have believed.

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