Tights against varicose veins

Tights against varicose veins

Compression hosiery — One of the main means of prevention of varicose veins and obligatory component of surgery and sclerotherapy. Compression stockings are also used to prevent thrombosis in the postoperative period, in bedridden patients to treat complications of varicose veins treatment of primary and secondary lymphostasis.

What is compression hosiery?

The mechanism of therapeutic action of knitwear based on precisely computed and measured pressure him to venous wall. Socks, stockings and tights create an additional frame that supports the veins and protect them from excessive stretching. The pressure on the vein narrows their lumen. This leads to increased venous outflow rate and prevents the formation of clots. Compression (Compression) of soft tissue leg protects the feet from swelling, fatigue and muscle pain. The compression of the vein walls support the valves of the veins and prevents blood "stagnate in one place." Conventional tights with the most powerful supporting effect in100-200 den does not give the desired result, and stockings, and even more so. Because of over-tighten the blood vessels elastic and are not recommended to wear even for women with all the veins in order. It is therefore necessary to use medical compression hosiery. It's even available in two versions — for women and men.

Compression knitwear compresses the legs with enough force to extended areas are not bulging veins and the blood does not stagnate. By the way, this power is measured in millimeters of mercury, and not in denah. According to the degree of compression effect tights and socks are divided into preventive (10-12 mm Hg. c.) and treatment (more than 20 mm Hg. cent.). With the defeat of the superficial veins appoint I or II compression ratio (20-45 mm Hg. c.), damaged deep venous congenital vascular diseases, elephantiasis — III or VI degree (45-60 mm Hg. c.). One of the main differences from the usual protivovarikoznye knitted compression is graduated compression. Protivovarikoznye products are designed and manufactured in such a way that the ankle compression is 100 percent, the knee is reduced to 75 percent at the hip is 50 percent compression, and 20 percent to the groin. Due to this pressure calibration protivovarikoznye jersey significantly increases the rate of outflow of blood from the veins of the lower extremities. Normal compression hosiery provides even pressure all over. It enhances the silhouette, but to medical products to do.

Another feature protivovarikoznye jersey is that the size anddegree Compression can not be determined on the "eye". These parameters are set doctor-phlebologist after the test. Put protivovarikoznye tights in the morning without getting up in the bed raised on his feet in such a position vessels retain a shape close to ideal.

Elastic bandages — cheap, but inconvenient

In the West, compression hosiery is almost completely displaced from use elastic bandages. They are less effective and cause a lot of discomfort: the procedure of their application is time-consuming, the compression is adjusted manually, bandages slipping, slipping, leave dents in the skin, and walk with bound feet on the street is hot and uncomfortable. The only advantage of elastic bandages to medical stockings — cheapness. If you use them, bandage the limb by the rules. Lying in bed, pick up, keep the foot at a right angle to the lower leg and start to bandage from the base of the fingers to the knee or lower thigh, leaving the heel open. Apply the bandage in the morning for the day, and at night to remove — your feet should rest on the bandages.

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