Time Capsule




If aliens ever flew to the Earth, they had to leave her some material traces of their stay. It may even be that aliens from outer space not only visited our planet, but also left information about themselves for the future of humanity. They're able to go on the Earth in prehistoric times, when a man of understanding has not yet appeared or have existed, but only just mastered his life and times.

In this case, the message from the aliens must be stored somewhere in the hope that the people who once reaching a certain level of development, will find these messages and use them to their advantage, wrote "UNION".

The attention of scientists has long been attracted to the huge stone structures erected in ancient times. This is the so-called megalithic structures such as Stonehenge or the English terraces Baalbeck in Lebanon. This and the Egyptian pyramids.

Purpose of Stonehenge is still unclear. Whether it is a temple, or an astronomical observatory Stone Age, or maybe both. "If it is hidden at Stonehenge, should be in the heart of the building, under the altar stone.

It can be assumed that the campuses around in a circle stones have hinted at what depth eliminated "capsule". To the east, beyond the circle, is the so-called Heel Stone. Its distance from the center of laps — 78 meters. Perhaps, this figure suggests that it is necessary to dig a 78 — meter depth.

Fast forward now to Egypt, Giza, where the Great Sphinx guarding the peace of the majestic stone pyramids The largest of them — the pyramids of the pharaohs IV Dynasty — Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure. So, the Pyramids of Cheops and Chephren are on the same diagonal line. A diagonal of the pyramid of Menkaure turned slightly and at the intersection with the diagonal of the Pyramids of Cheops and Chephren provides a point whose distance from the center of the pyramid of Menkaure — also 78 meters' It is possible that at this depth, it is necessary to seek another "time capsule" Usually above the level of 78 meters are ground water, and below — artesian water.

Great Sphinx of Giza, as the researchers found, was created long before the most ancient pyramids. Japanese researchers have found under the left paw of the Sphinx narrow tunnel, which is inclined to the pyramid of Khafre. Where it ends is unknown.

When they began to scrutinize the head of the Sphinx, it turned out, she had a third eye facing up, into space. It was also found that the proportions of the face and the front of the Sphinx angle (between the line and the forehead by a line running from the ear hole) for a person not typical Does Sphinx — is a sculptural portrait of the alien, at the prompting of which were built the first pyramid.

On one of the slopes of the Andes in South America inscribed huge trident sign. If you fly it to the specified direction, soon on top of one of the mountains found the band, lined with large stone slabs. Maybe I should dig the soil at its end a depth equal to the length of the strip to find a "time capsule"?


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