TO EXERCISE IN TRANSBAIKALIA-300 strikes on REAL cruise missiles

TO EXERCISE IN TRANSBAIKALIA-300 strikes on REAL cruise missiles
Tactical exercises stationed in Trans-Baikal Territory compound aerospace defense began in East military environment (OIE), said Tuesday the head of the press service TSB Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Gordeev.
«One of the features of the upcoming firing anti-aircraft missile systems S-300 will be that they will hit the real cruise missiles,» — he said.
The exercises, which are conducted by a team of Air Force and Air Defense Command EAST Maj. Gen. Sergei Dronova, involved military anti-aircraft missile, radio units and support units.
In the first step will be tested questions to bring in different units readiness, solve puzzles to detect and repel a simulated enemy air strike, reports «Interfax».
During the second step, military compounds commit march combined method with the loading of military equipment on railway transport. Finished teaching field firing calculations SAM S-300 systems, which will be held at the site Telemba in Buryatia.
«The exercises are conducted according to the plan of combat training neighborhood and will last until September 6» — said Gordeev.
S-300 — a system of anti-aircraft missile systems, the average radius of the act, the serial production of which began in 1975. In 1978 he completed tests of the system, and the following year the first C-300PT regiment stood on alert.
The system is designed for the defense of large industrial and administrative facilities, military bases and Fri control of enemy air and space attack the enemy.
S-300 is capable of destroying ballistic and aerodynamic purposes, also has the option of attacking ground targets with previously known coordinates. Became the first multi-channel anti-aircraft missile system capable to accompany each complex (SAM) to 6 goals and inducing them to 12 missiles.

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