To feed a baby at night?

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The official pediatrics taken the view that the infant's stomach at night is to "relax." Here and shake his poor mother screaming kids, slipping them the dill vodichku, the pacifier, because feeding time, they say, not yet. But look — in the animal world, no mother makes regular intervals in feeding their newborn babies. The child's well suited to the continuous flow of breast milk, which is very quickly digested.

Wise to breastfeed (day and night)! Ethe easiest way to put the baby to sleep and calm him at night when he wakes up. Judge for yourself — you do without the many hours of motion sickness (by hand or in a wheelchair), no expensive bottles and blends that will need time to dissolve and heat to the desired temperature to the loud and furious cries of the infant.

Night feedings are important for child nutrition, and to his nervous system. In addition, maternal prolactin hormone responsible for lactation produced more active at night, so the night feedings usually contribute to a long-term and high-quality lactation.

Do everything depends on you, so that your baby was breast-fed at least the first year of life.

And maybe still do not feed?

Which only recommendations in this regard have not invented Multi wise pediatricians! The famous Dr. Spock, for example, tells parents to be firm and resolute. If baby middle of the night wake up and start cry, parents can not "enter the room to the child, turn on the lights, take him in my arms." And just to soak for half an hour! After that, my child, exhausted, but have learned the principles of parental upbringing, finally fall asleep itself. About feeding even here we are not talking!

Do you think this recommendation of bygone days? Here's a tip from a relatively new book "Raising Your Child" (Kharkov, 1996) "If the mother is in a hurry to feed the baby as soon as it will give a voice to one year and will require to be fed at night. In 7-8 months to cancel the nightly feeding somehow have, so get yourself together and do not come to the child even if he cries. Half an hour later he is likely to fall asleep. " It is assumed that the following night baby will not cry for half an hour and 15 minutes, and after a week or two — to learn to fall asleep and did not cry.

But let's try to imagine what these mean for the baby half an hour. Just at the age of seven or eight months of the baby increases the need to be with his mother, he needs as much as possible to spend more time on her hands. It is now formed in his mind the image of the mother. Scarce begins to release my mother from other people, but in the memory of her image is not saved. So he has a particular need for her presence. And mom disappears (and suddenly she would never return?). Despair baby has no limit. Yes, in the end, he zamolknet. But it was not because they calmed down, but because it came nervous exhaustion, and he has no more power to weep.

So come to the child as soon as he zahnychet dream. Reassure him, stroke, give chest if necessary. And leave only after he goes to sleep soundly again.

Inessa Smyk

According materilov magazine "Aistenok"

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