Tragedy in Uganda landslide

Tragedy in Uganda landslide Natural Disasters

A landslide in the East African country, presumably buried under tons of mud about 450 people living in three villages on the slopes of Mount Elgon. The death of 30 of them officially confirmed. The fact that the landslide occurred after heavy rains in the afternoon, has significantly reduced the number of deaths.

At the moment, attempts are being made to evacuate the survivors of 178 people to a safer area for permanent residence, but many villagers, despite the risk of a landslide re refuse to leave their homes because of the good natural conditions for farming and fewer outbreaks of malaria.

The mountain slopes are almost completely covered with cracks and fissures in the ground. As soon starts to go more or less serious rain, landslide guaranteed. Thus, in March 2010 under similar circumstances in the east of Uganda's Bududa killed 350 people. The government even has the intention to pass a law on eviction of villages at the foot of Mount Elgon to reduce the possibility of another mass death.

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