Turmoil in the kingdom, or the Scottish Roulette

Trouble in the Kingdom, or the Scottish RouletteIt appears that the sharp London's position regarding its otkroennogo reluctance to join the great European economic integration, can turn a really bad consequences for Britain itself. The fact is that since the beginning of 2012 in the British press are increasingly began to appear about the fact that in one part of the United Kingdom — Scotland — maybe as early as next year to pass a referendum on its secession from England. To many Englishmen such information has caused the most real shock, because the integrity of the kingdom seemed unshakable, but we need to see that the debate about the possible withdrawal of the Anglo-Saxon Scots of "brotherhood" are not the first year.

Thinking about the fact that Edinburgh could become the real capital of the independent state began to appear in Scotland immediately after the parliamentary elections, there were celebrating the victory of the Nationalists, led by the Emperor Salmond. The new prime Scottish government almost immediately after his own triumph in the elections, said that after the 300-year tenure of Scotland under the influence of London's time to start going by his method. The first step in such a path, Alex Salmond, beheld a referendum, in which each has a right to vote Scotsman must speak out about the status of the upcoming country. But once a fighter fervor to the British crown Salmond had to moderate, because the Scots themselves were, to put it mildly, are not ready to decide whether to heed the calls of its own new "leader" or not. Well, Prime Minister, a little reflection, he concluded that in the circumstances it would be better to make it slightly referendum Scottish society — the right to say so, "artillery preparation".

Many were, loaf that London will express Salmond less than clowning and just let them go by the ears, but everything came out completely wrong. A few days back, made a statement already English Prime Minister David Cameron and suddenly for many stated that the Scots can really hold their own referendum, thus, earlier than they do, the better. Some people might think that Cameron or simply picked up the wrong piece of paper in front of his performance, or suddenly lost his mind. But analyzing the situation, it can be concluded that Cameron deliberately customize the Scots to the manifestation of the people's will.

According to the published data on the British Isles can be seen that at the moment is not far absolute majority (if at all most of) the inhabitants of Scotland are ready to speak in favor of independence. If you believe the English edition, the supporters of separation recites least 30%, because the party can not wait Salmond great failure if referendum on the issue of self-determination of the Scots held recently.

Rapidly having seen what David Cameron stands not for independence Scotland, Alex Salmond asks London to give the Scots again time to weigh the pros and cons. Salmond sees himself a good time for a referendum autumn 2014. By the time the extremist organizations in Scotland can heat the citizens antilondonsky fervor. In addition, the Scottish Presbyterian church, and the church has not yet had time to "prepare" the weight to the idea of having to live separately from those who are "choked" Scottish independence for more than 3 hundred years.

Apart from the fact that the Scots want to wait, they also propose to allow to participate in a referendum to young people and the young ladies between the ages of 16-17 years. This is most likely due to the fact that most of the young Scots basically ready to support the independence of their own country, if the older generation.

Because of London task now emerges quite primitive: showing willingness to conform to democratic principles, practically forcing Scotland to share the will as early as possible. With all of this, even if most Scots will vote for their own independence from Britain, the Crown is unlikely to give their consent to the peaceful separation of Edinburgh. Having lost in the 20th century a large part of its own global colonies, London will not dare to leave the same with Scotland, which is perceived as a trivial part of the United Kingdom.
Let's try to see the situation where more than half of the inhabitants of modern Scotland still declare unwillingness to live with the British in the same state. It may be that after the announcement of the election results in London will start the most active to the non-recognition of these same results.

Acts can be both diplomatic and economic. Well military demonstration "unity" of the British, too, is not excluded.

In this connection, to deliver a crushing blow to its own historical criticism (UK) may already be our government. And the question here is not about the use of military means, and that the response of the "critical" diplomacy. Moscow is fully able to state that recognizes the independence of Scotland in Edinburgh, the capital, showing the English how the situation developed in Kosovo. And the Russian recognition of the independence of Scotland in the event of non-recognition of the British authorities would have a good response and countless many years of nagging against the anti-democratic policies of Moscow from London. The only ones who can prevent the Russian Federation recognized Scottish "independence" can become only the Scots. After all, as has been said, not everyone is a proud inhabitant of the north of the island is ready to head of English to be a citizen of a sovereign country. And the main reason for such unavailability is in the economic well-being. And if the standard of living in the territory of modern Scotland is very high, in particular, and with the support of London, the self-identity of any and all Scots can and forgotten. No one does not mind that since 1707 he has been living at the mercy of the British elite. Although, in fairness, it must be said that among the British elites are increasingly common and ethnic Scots, because we talk about some northerners discrimination in the United Kingdom this would be incorrect.

But the mechanism is running, and displays the curve where the Scottish and British identity readiness to accept the popular will of Scots — the question is very exciting. Expect is not so long.

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