Typhoon heads for Japan Guchol

Typhoon heads for Japan Guchol Danger Zone

Philippine rescue organizations are fully prepared to fight to the aspiring East Vasa North Luzon typhoon Guchol (Buchoy). At the moment, the eye of the typhoon is located 565 km east of the capital of the Philippines Manila and dvichetsya to the north-northwest at a speed of 17 km / h The maximum wind speed in a typhoon 185 km / h with gusts of 232 km / h, which corresponds to category 4. The height of the largest waves of up to 11 meters.

Expected precipitation brought Gucholom on Luzon, Mindanao and Bashan, are so strong that they can cause floods and landslides. Rainfall reaches 15-25 mm per hour within 500 km from the center of the typhoon, which can connect with the next-door South-west monsoon. For security purposes, all boats and water transport is recommended not to go to sea.
Not only the Philippines is to be feared typhoon Guchol. As early as 19 June, he reached the coast of Japan coordinates 34,0? N; 137,1? E. Wind speed can reach 120 km / h, with gusts much more intense. Predicted wave height — at 1.2-1.5 m above normal. In Japan is not expected to scale damage, but there may be flooding in the central regions of the islands.

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