Typhoon Saola not leave Taiwan and the Philippines

Typhoon Saola not leave the Philippines, Taiwan and Natural Disasters

According to official data, the number of victims of floods and rains that brought Saola tropical storm in the Philippines has risen to 37 people. 11 of them were children who drowned in the coastal zone of waves coming up. Four people at the moment are on the list of missing persons. Since many deaths could have been avoided, the government has again turned to the citizens to take precautions and rules of conduct during the storm.

The total number of people affected by the typhoon in the islands was about 519,000 people. In evacuation centers are visiting to 50,600 families and 231,000 single Filipino.

In Taiwan, the various manifestations of the typhoon killed six people, two missing and another 16 were injured. In addition to floods and rains, the volume of which has already exceeded 1000 mm, the people of Taiwan is also threatened by strong winds brought by typhoon got stronger. In view of this, the island closed schools, canceled 200 domestic and international flights, to adjourn the high-speed trains. Evacuation of 8000 people exposed. More than 50,000 people are temporarily without power, about 7000 — no water.

Currently, the typhoon is located 90 km north of Taipei and continues to move in the north-west side of the continent at a speed of 23 km / h Saola have wind gusts up to 90 km / h in the center and still have the strength to leave an impressive "wet" mark on the neighboring islands of Taiwan, which has declared a storm warning and the possibility of flooding. The economic loss to agriculture amounted to about US $ 7 million

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