U.S. missile shield create PROtivokitaysky

U.S. missile shield create PROtivokitaysky
Modernization of the strategic potential of Beijing worries Pentagon
Washington is surrounded by a network of missile defense not only Russia, and China. It is planned to make the Asian system. It will include ships and land-based radars. In the Land of the Rising Sun by these plants will be increased. They may be arranged in the Philippines and other countries in Asia Pacific. So makarom Pentagon expects to neutralize the growing military power of China. Beijing does not open, which would be his answer. But it became clear that he was doing the last generation intercontinental missiles.

U.S. plans to significantly strengthen missile defenses in Asia. Pretext of deterrence is North Korea. But the main task — to neutralize the Chinese missiles that could hit the South American aircraft carriers and military bases.

It is reported by Wall Street Journal, citing officials of the South American Defense Ministry. «Our rhetoric focused on North Korea — said Steven Hildreth, an expert U.S. Congressional Research Service. — But in fact we are in a long term look at the elephant in the room, in other words on China. «

The missile defense system will cover all the great places to Asia. The new radar will be located in the land of the rising sun, and another — perhaps in Southeast Asia, for example, in the Philippines. They will be linked with the ships and land bases that host the interceptors.

This plan is part of the latest strategy of U.S. President Barack Obama, which provides for the transfer of military resources in the Asia-Pacific region.

Currently available in the U.S. has a total of 26 ships filled with an anti-missile weapon. By 2018, their number will be increased to 36. Leading role in the preservation of the South American exposure in Asia play carriers.

Meanwhile, China is producing anti-creation program from ballistic and cruise missiles with a range up to 930 miles an act. According to the Pentagon report, they will be able to hit dapper ship. This may prevent the South American Navy enter the Taiwan Straits to prevent the landing of the Chinese army in Taiwan.

In other words, Washington’s plans to spread to the peninsula, which China refers to as part of its territory. Jeffrey Lewis, director of nonproliferation programs in East Asia at the Institute for international research in California, says: if you have a radar in southern land of the rising sun, and the other in the Philippines, in a sense, take under the protection of Taiwan. In other words, «covers the Taiwanese defense umbrella.»

In this regard, it is worth recalling that relations between Beijing and Taipei have warmed in recent years. But China is not as before renounces the use of force if Taiwan will be on the path of independence.

According to the Pentagon, China aims to Taiwan from 1000 to 1200 ballistic missiles.

Another reason for accelerating the deployment of missile defenses in Asia, based on the belief of American strategists — is offensive acts of China in the South China Sea. He often resorts to showcase naval forces in order to confirm the claim to the disputed islands. Placing more radars and interceptor ships in the region, the United States wish to encourage its own allies, to impress upon them that would not leave them alone with the newest Asian superpower.

What answer did the Yankees plan to Beijing? Not yet officially responded to him. China’s Ministry of Defense said that China has always stood for the fact that «the missile defense problem solved very cautiously, keeping in mind the preservation of strategic stability and the promotion of mutual trust.»

In an interview with «NG» chief researcher at the Institute of Far Eastern Studies Yakov Berger noted that at the moment «in China is the controversy between the spices on the strategy on how you need to respond to the challenges thrown USA. Military wanting more defense spending, oppose liberalization within the country, urging the United States not to yield. At the same time, other creators of studies substantiate the need to prepare for a confrontation lasting for a period of 10 years. These analysts recognize that no power by the armed forces or their allotment China can not yet compete with the U.S.. «

But no matter what opinions expressed specialists, the process of modernization of arms of the PLA does not stop. Weekly Jane’s Defence Weekly, facing West, said in July at the site in Shanxi Province passed the test of intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching at least some point in the United States. It is a mobile complex and outside resembles Russian «Topol».

Chinese expert, but denied the fact tests. According to him, in the current study are underway to make the next generation of intercontinental missile. According to some reports, China at the present time is armed with 70 intercontinental ballistic missiles and 410 nuclear warheads.

Vladimir Skosyrev

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