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Psychologists and psychiatrists all over the world are sounding the alarm. Evidence from studies conducted in different countries of the world, clearly indicate a significant trend towards reduced cognitive function and logical thinking in the average earthling. The findings were made on the basis of instructions "for the gifted" on a variety of subjects, the very different purpose.

"Idiotic" instruction occurs for different reasons. Sometimes the company prints the obvious recommendations on their products to prevent lawsuits. Widely known case where a woman burned with hot coffee, bought the cafe MsDonalds, sued a million dollars in damages. After that, the cups for coffee there was an inscription: "Caution: Hot coffee." Sometimes the true meaning is lost as a result of manual translation, but sometimes ridiculous labels on packages are the result of the usual nonsense.

Here is a list of instructions, leading by common sense and applicability.

Instructions to the hair dryer: "Do not use in a dream." The bag of chips "you can win: To participate in the lottery, buy potato chips is not required. Rules draw are inside the package." The packaging of shower caps: "Size: one head." At the bottom of the box with the cake, "do not turn over." The box for frozen pizza, "after reheating food will be hot." On the iron: "Do not iron clothes on body." On a box of sleeping pills: "Warning May cause drowsiness." On tap mixer, "do not use for another use."

On a package of nuts sold in Aviator: "Instructions: Open packet, eat nuts." At the chainsaw, "please do not try to stop chain with your hands or genitals." At the children's Superman costume: "Wearing the costume does not give the ability to fly." On a blanket, "do not use to protect themselves from the hurricane." On a bicycle rear-view mirror: "Remember: Objects in the mirror are actually behind you." The instructions to the microwave, "forbidden to dry pet" (the inscription appeared, as there were real attempts to dry the redeemers of the cat in the microwave). Note to users on the toilet, "we do not recommend throwing stones into the toilet and heavy objects, because it may cause damage to the toilet." On the package of pine nuts, "these nuts really grow on pine trees."

The packaging of the curling iron: "Do not use eyelash curler, it can lead to severe eye injury. For external use only." The packaging of condoms: "Do not drive a car, when you use our product." On the bottle cleaner bath: "to achieve the best results wash your bath when it's clean." On a folding chair: "Before you remove the decomposed chair with his child." On the packaging of salt: "Warning! Contains a lot of sodium." Unmatched creative peak — a poster mounted on the railway station: "Warning Touching these high voltage wires will cause instant death. Violators will be fined."

Or maybe it was the same evolution, Darwin was talking about, who knows?

Battery News, 27.01.2004 12:21
Source: AskDoctor.ru

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