U.S. start testing natural disaster warning system

U.S. begins to test a warning system of natural disasters Facts

In order to find out whether there will soon near you any natural disaster, smartphone owners will be sufficient to look at the screen. Now the National Weather Service in a special state program will be sent to all subscribers of the special warning message in Tucson (Tucson).

Now wireless alert system will warn people in advance of the upcoming hurricanes, floods, dust storms and tornadoes. The list of alerts are not going to include showers and storms. This is due to their frequent appearances, which would entail sending multiple messages, just annoying the user, and will look like spam. Riley constant alerts people in this situation may even abandon essential service, which is extremely desirable.
Tucson will test in the coming months as an example of possible flooding in Pima County in July, August and September, and other possible accidents. All users will receive signals from local stations in and only those events that are predicted for the territory in which they reside. Post, which will not exceed 90 characters and will remain free of charge, will be assigned to vibration alert and a special ringtone. All smartphones service is enabled by default. It supports multiple mobile operators. Phones iPhone may join the program until the fall.

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