U.S. West raging fires

U.S. West raging fires Natural Disasters

Hundreds of residents of the U.S. states of Colorado and New Jersey were forced to leave their homes because of fires that have engulfed the local forests. The cause of the fire is called the heat resistant up to 32 ° C, and drought and strong winds to the spread of the fire at a speed of up to 2.6 km / h

Column of smoke from a fire in Colorado.
According to firefighters, Fort Collins, fire in High Park, Colorado 24 km from the city already destroyed 8,100 hectares of forest and continues to capture new territory. In the national forest, Roosevelt closed several parks for camping. It is known that the fire damaged 18 buildings, one person has been missing. Orange cloud of thick smoke arising from the burning of dry forest, already is 128 km in length and is easily visible over northern Colorado and in the neighboring state of Wyoming.

Smoke and flames close to ranches and homes on the east side of High Park.
Acrid smell of smoke reached Denver and some localities of central Nebraska, western Kansas, and Texas. For security purposes, was organized evacuation of nearly a thousand of Kemper Guernsey State Park in Wyoming.

Smoke from the fire can be seen even in Wyoming.

Fire near Ruidoso.
The central part of New Mexico is also struggling with arising from a lightning fire. Around 1500 people were forced to leave the resort and Ruidoso to remain as refugees in camps organized by the Red Cross and local parishes. 11 340 hectares of forest surrounding Ruidoso, turned to ash, a large area of dry grass continues to burn. Damaged 36 buildings.

Smoke from a fire in New Mexico.
At the moment, the fire could not cope with the fire, although the 300-mi fire services personnel and help them to members of the national guard (about one hundred) is constantly attempting extinguishment. Also involved five air tankers and a dozen helicopters. Unfortunately, the weather conditions did not favor the work of firefighters.

Firefighter helicopter inspects forest near Laporte, Colorado.
In southwest New Mexico, however, the control is taken a third of the burning area, recognized as the most extensive in the history of fires in the state. All there is in the power of fire is 112 605 hectares of land. Fires in southern Utah nearly extinguished by cooling.

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