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More Shakespeare in "Hamlet" made his famous observation that "there are many strange things in the world." Since then, the number of "strange" and unexplained phenomena has increased many times. But believe it or not in the mysterious forces you personally? Our test will allow you to understand yourself and a more conscious use of what is helping you, even if it comes to horoscopes, fortune-telling and magic. Choose from three options for possible answers to each question one, find their meaning in the table printed below, add up your points and get to know the result.

1.Verite you in horoscope predictions, which argues that young people are fully compatible with each other?
a) this is nonsense on vegetable oil!
b) Of course, it is proven;
a) I think that there is no smoke without fire.

2. Do you see prophetic dreams — such as seen in the dream is coming true?
a) from time to time it happens;
b) I do not remember, I do not pay attention to them;
a) Well, that's you! I do not believe such nonsense!

3. Would you agree that you will tell your fortune?
a) God forbid! No way;
b) Of course, I really want to know the future;
c) why not? Out of curiosity.

4. You just fell out with passion and, of course, want to better understand your passion. Your actions?
a) first find out his (her) the sign of the Zodiac;
b) say the handwriting everything in sight: I'll start learning it (her) handwriting;
c) somehow he'll take care of (itself).

5. Do you believe that bring good luck charms?
a) Yes I'm a fool (fool) to believe in it?
b) Well, if the person believes in it, then perhaps;
c) The course brings, that I have it hanging.

6. In what type of people most likely to succeed?
a) in calm, level-headed persons;
b) those who act as anyhow — listens himself;
c) those who just get lucky by nature.

7. What advice would you give to those who gave (a) lover (lover)?
a) let him turn to magic;
b) say tarot cards helps — let him try;
a) all settled down on its own, or find a new object of longing.

8. Your opinion about the man who during the conversation often knocks on the piece of wood — "the evil eye"?
a) if (s) he so desire, in the sense — easier, let them;
b) ha-ha-ha!
c) know me personally it helps!

Your Result

If you score from 0 to 23 points: you rely on throughout your mind and do not believe in the existence of some mysterious and powerful forces, although it is aware that the person is still very much can not explain in this world. Magic, fortune telling and predictions you believe nonsense and a waste of time.

If you scored 24 to 33 points: You can not be attributed to the superstitious people, although you are extremely interested in the different predictions, horoscopes, palmistry, etc. However, all this do you think is easy: chuckle and remember to predict if they are unfavorable, smile, if the fate of the promises you good luck, but hope that it will be so.

If you scored 34 to 48 points: you do not doubt the existence of powerful forces that guide human destiny, and religiously believe in predictions and fortune telling. Still, keep in mind that accidents in the world play is also not the last role, so do not blindly rely on all the signs: do not neglect the rational knowledge, think!

Source: "Publishing House, Victor Schwartz and K"


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