UK: Astronomers discovered the secret of the Middle Ages




Scientists from the University of Cardiff (UK) found the cause of the fall harvest and summer frosts about one and a half thousand years ago — the culprit turned out to be a comet crashed into the Earth. Analysis shows woody ring, that in region 536-540. AD on Earth were unusually cold summer, which indicates the existence of a nuclear winter-like effect. Researchers from the School of Physics and Astronomy, University believe that their cause could be a comet exploded in the upper atmosphere. Shards of this huge explosion must have enveloped the earth with a blanket of soot and ash, closing the sunlight and causing very cold weather. Something similar happened on Jupiter in 1995, when it crashed into the comet Shoemaker-Levy 9. Historical data from this period called the Dark Ages, almost gone, but the preserved information about the fall harvest and summer colds.

The most surprising discovery by British scientists — the small size of the comet, which can cause such abrupt climate changes. Scientists estimate that the effect of a nuclear winter on a planetary scale can cause a comet with a diameter less than half a kilometer. The explosion of a comet (if it was he) has caused crop failures and famine. This period coincided with Yustinianskoy plague — the first appearance of the Black Death in Europe. It is possible that the epidemic was so fierce and spread so quickly is because people were already exhausted by hunger.

Battery News, 07.02.2004 8:15

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