UK: children do not know what they see




Young children perceive the world is much more simplistic than you might think. The new three-year study by British scientists has shown that children are not born with the innate knowledge of which are assigned to them from time to time. Gavin Bremner of the University of Lancaster and his colleagues have attempted to examine how children under the age of six months perceive objects.

The researcher explained that adults perceive the world as a cluster of related individual objects. When the movement of those objects existing adult perceive them, even if they are temporarily closed by other objects. This ability is crucial to fill the gaps in perception. It is not clear, it is congenital or priobretennaya.Otvetit to this question, scientists have tried, having studied the perception of children of different ages object moving from left to right and on its way passing behind an opaque screen. It was found that for the four-month screen size is important. if it is narrow, they are perceived by the subject, if a, two then different. However bimonthly see two single object regardless of the width of the screen, while a six-month said object the same, even if a wide screen. Further investigation revealed that the four-month child seems to be one thing if it is hidden a short distance (narrow screen), or for a short time. This means that the perception skills children develop in life, and do not appear at birth.

Battery News, 23/01/2004 11:15

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