UK: Found baby dragon!




In the county of Oxfordshire in southern England found a container that is enclosed baby dragon.

Container height of about 80 cm found in the garage of his home, David Hard, but on Sunday he sent photographs of the unusual findings in the media.

Naturally, the "dragon" — a fake. Container attached to a small metal box in which were his "accompanying documents". They were written in the old German style, dating back to the XIX century — the time between the German and British scientists, there is intense competition, and they were trying to discredit each other.

The documents show that the British Museum of Natural History declined to "dragon" and then failed exhibit had to be destroyed.

"Dragon" found and hid his grandfather Frederick David Hardy, who at the time worked as a porter at the station. He, apparently, and hid the discovery that decades later found his grandson.

Battery News, 26.01.2004 15:25

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