Unexpected earthquake in Ireland

Unexpected earthquake in Ireland Natural Disasters

Earthquake that struck off the west coast of Ireland, has caused confusion among geologists and was very surprised the scientific community. The fact that earlier there was no information on the presence of active seismic processes in this part of the Atlantic Ocean.

The epicenter was located at a depth of 3 km, 60 km west from Bellmut, County Mayo. On the Richter scale, it would be 4 points. In the entire history of the region is the most powerful seismic events. It is also the second known such a high magnitude earthquake in Ireland and Britain. The first occurred July 19, 1984 to the west of Wales and was effective 5.4 points.
After the earthquake, a few houses on the coast, the Erris have frame damage. Tremors were felt in Galway, Mayo and Sligo, since the quake was shallow. It is reported that there are concerns about the integrity of the Corrib gas production plant, located 23 km from the epicenter. Soon there will be a survey of the seabed adjacent to find the causes of earthquakes.
Experts argue that there is no danger of a tsunami. However, it can follow a series of smaller aftershocks.

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