United States: in the Martian soil found perfect spheres




Thousands of tiny regular spheres were found in the soil around the dark marsrovera Opportunity. Tiny beads like glass beads, were seen panoramic camera system, and two of them are discussed in detail in a sealed chamber.

Anything like this before on the surface of Mars, scientists are not met. The particles of these can be frozen drops of lava ejected during the eruption of the volcano (lapilli), frozen drops of stone, melted and ejected when a meteorite collision with the planet (tektites) or, most interestingly, the particles formed as a result of slow chemical accretion in the pond (oolites) . Further more thorough study should help elucidate the mechanism of formation. For example, if the rover will find a divided field and sees her concentric layers, then the particles are oolites.

However, there are areas of the holes that may have formed in the allocation of a prisoner inside the sphere of gas — it can mean a volcanic or meteoric origin.

In addition to the areas on the surface of the planet, there are other stones — a reddish color. Although much of Mars is covered with red dust under her stones almost all dark, so this finding is unusual. They could be the result of weathering and exposure of a piece of rock, located six meters from the unit.

Battery News, 09/02/2004 17:27
Source: NTR.ru

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