Upgrade U.S. early warning radar IN ALASKA FOR PRO

Upgrade U.S. early warning radar IN ALASKA FOR PRO
U.S. and its allies will have overestimated the ability to organize defense against ballistic missiles, which can run the enemy countries and organizations, reports ASDNews September 12.
Raytheon Company to modernize the radar of early warning (early warning radar — EWR), a result of which the radar will be able to track ballistic missiles in favor of missile defense. Radar will also continue to make the original puzzle warning on missile launches and tracking of cosmic space. Price contract is 125.3 million U.S. dollars.
«Raytheon directed attention to your own 70 years of experience in design, development, production and operation of radar to offer government cost-effective solution to increase the capacity of defense to protect the United States and its allies from enemy missiles. We have the experience of early warning radar modernization, which are established in California (USA), England and Greenland, and we will continue to upgrade them at a very competitive cost with low technological risk, «said vice president of global company built detectors Dave Rokot (Dave Gulla).
Under this agreement will be upgraded radar phased array (PAR), located in Alaska. It is expected that work will be completed in 2017. In the process of modernization will apply existing FAR, the properties of which will be increased by installing more modern electrical equipment and software to increase the performance characteristics of plant growth and abilities detect ballistic targets. It is understood that undergo modernization and others of early warning radar.

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