USA: is there life between death and life?




Near-death experience — not very sonorous term entrenched in Russian language — English vellum phrase "near-death experiences" (NDE), indicating the state experienced by some during clinical death.

The very concept came about 30 years ago. American researcher Raymond Moody, used it to describe the condition of many who visited "beyond" people who claim to have seen in the dying moment of dead relatives, the light at the end of the tunnel, chronicling his life and felt an overwhelming sense of calm. And then — revived.

The latest research shows: one in ten survived cardiac arrest has gone through a near-death experience. Moreover, reports of this come from many different regions of the world, from people belonging to different cultures and different religions.

Somebody says that these images — casts of what happens to a person after death. Someone — it is the result of dying brain.

In March, the British researchers Dr. Sam guys and Professor Peter Fenwick start the experiment, which will last for a year. Scientists will monitor patients who survived cardiac arrest, and try to determine what sense have these people in those moments when their heart is not beating.

In particular, researchers are interested in the so-called "out of body" or "out of body experiences" (another carbon copy of the English: "out-of-body experience", OBE). In this case we are talking about cases where a person who is in a state of clinical death, sees his body and all the surroundings as if from above.

"If their stories are true, — says Dr. Sam Male, — it will be a huge breakthrough: for us it is a sign that our current understanding of the mind, body and brain is imperfect and that the mind / consciousness can be separated from the brain at the end of life."

However, a similar, though smaller in scale study conducted last year in Wales, was left unfinished.

For five years, eight of the 39 patients who survived cardiac arrest, encountered a "near-death experience." Of these, only two survived "out of body". However, none has proved this point in the right place in order to see the special characters.

Battery News, 28.01.2004 9:24
Source: MIGnews

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