USA: Reality star wars




U.S. plans to create a command for combat in space Space Combat Command. One of the main objectives of the new organization structure will protect the space group from the actions of the U.S. hostile states. Now, as reported by the Department of Defense, the United States have limited capacity to determine who and how to attack U.S. satellite or spacecraft.

It is also planned that the spacecraft, the U.S. will be modified so as to be able to attack the enemy spacecrafts.

It should be noted that the primacy in the development of such weapons belong to the Soviet Union. In 1967, the Soviet Union led to near-earth orbit satellite "Cosmos-139" that can destroy enemy spacecraft and held it successfully tested. In 1985, the United States conducted its first test of space weapons: rocket, launched from the aircraft destroyed a satellite target.

Battery News, 05/02/2004 9:15
Source: Washington ProFile

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