Vietnam helps North Korea to survive floods

Vietnam helps North Korea has experienced flooding Facts

Vietnam is going to help North Korea experienced flooding five thousand tons of rice, because after the terrible events of the fields have been destroyed, 212,000 people lost their homes, and 160 people died. Such assistance will help to dispel the fears of the population of the impending famine, which can take the lives of 1 million people, as has happened in the 90's. However, according to the UN, a full assessment of damage will be installed by the end of September.
More than 65,000 hectares of land flooded during the floods, which began in late June 2012 after a severe drought. Around 5,000 houses, 300 public buildings and 60 factories were destroyed, prompting fears of a significant reduction in food supplies. In June, two thirds of the total 24 million population of the country was on the verge of chronic starvation.

Cause of permanent flooding in North Korea is the deforestation in the slopes of the mountains, which leads to massive landslides during heavy rains. This has become necessary in view of the prevailing political conditions, when in 1945, the country was divided into two parts: the territory of South Korea, known as the "rice bowl", became independent. Each year in North Korea there is a shortage of one million tons of rice.
At a meeting of the two countries in August 13, 2012, Vietnamese President promised to help North Korea, thus beginning the restoration of friendly relations between the two nations, which will soon develop into economic partnership.
Rice is the most important source of calories for most people in Asia, but its consumption falls due to changes in lifestyle and rising income. The two largest producers of rice, Vietnam and Thailand, on the verge of agricultural crisis. Expensive and not always effective methods to restore large-scale production of rice developed by the two countries.
While UN officials doubt that the situation in North Korea could repeat hunger 90th, a large number of people's health is in question. World Food Programme daily allocated 102 thousand people in 23 provinces, 400 grams of corn. Fear of the population increases the fear of contamination from water, since it was found that sewage got into drinking water sources during flooding.

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