Vincent typhoon over South China

Vincent typhoon over South China Natural Disasters

Most of the rainfall brought by typhoon Category 3, fell to 131 km to the south-west of Hong Kong to Taishan, Guangdong Province. Wind speed at a radius of 40-45 km from the storm reached 192 km / h At the typhoon entire business life of the city to a halt. Fortunately, the two largest populated port Hong Kong and Macau were not affected by the elements.

In the season of 2012 is the second typhoon in the western Pacific Ocean. Although just before collapse bulk power Vincent rain fell on one category, he still took the lives of three people, six missing after at Taishan 300-350 mm of rain has fallen. Every hour, the city received a new batch of $ 2.25.35 mm. Only affected about 500,000 people in the 9-um coastal cities. 13,600 hectares of crops completely destroyed.

Over the next three days, the typhoon will continue to water the lands of the south of China and will go up to 50 mm of rain. In the provinces of Guangdong, Jiangxi and Hainan expected 200-350 mm. The north and center of the country will be moderate rains while on Beijing, Hebei, Shanxi and Jilin and many other places in showers will fall again, though not as strong as before.

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