Walking tour in Tallinn

Walking tour in Tallinn

If you want to familiarize yourself with this raschudesno the city, then it is best to resemble walking through the streets of an old town.

An old city not subjected to mass building, it was not destroyed in the war. In short, it was left intact. In 1997, he was even added to the UNESCO list of world heritage sites.

Walking on an old Tallinn can be quite long. But where to go? We offer you the route for walking, where you do not miss a thing. The time spent on the road to the center, is dependent on the selected hotels for you, try to book only the best hotels in Finland, Estonia, Egypt — any country that wishes to attend.

In the old times city is best to enter through the Viru Gates and you Viru Street exit to the Town Hall Square, where the old Town Hall and Town Hall Pharmacy prince. This pharmacy is the most ancient of the now operating in the world, it received its first guests in 1446. Once you have inspected the area, turn out Kullassepa further out Niguliste, where you will be presented the Church of St. Nicholas in all their own greatness. On a narrow street Luhike Jalg, you get to the Upper Town. The fact is that in the Middle Ages, Tallinn, as well as a host of other cities was divided into two parts: Higher or Toompea, where she lived all know and Lower Town. Toompea is just filled with sights and Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the tower with a very long title weird Herman, and the old castle of Toompea and the Danish King's Garden, and the Dome Cathedral, and Kiek in de Kok, and the bastions of Tallinn. In short, here is what to look at. Planning to stay in Estonia, look on the map as far away from him posted notable place for you, that is true to plan time

Once you have inspected the Vyzhgorod — It is quite small, you can go back down the same street Luhike Jalg, after traveling along the street. Gumnaasiumi, one can come up very tightly to the wall of the city. Here is the most conspicuous tower under the title Fat Margaret, it is worth a visit because it is located inside the Maritime Museum. Nearby you will find a viewing platform, certainly climb up on it. View reveals remarkable.

Back on the street can come back Pikk, which placed "Three Sisters" — a complex of shopping malls built in the Middle Ages, the house and the Brotherhood of Blackheads Guild building. Then go down the street Vene, where you will meet Catherine Lane, this place was chosen by glassblowers of Tallinn, then you can buy a fun souvenir of the ancient town, then you will see the Dominican Monastery, founded in 1246.

That's it! Street Viru will take you back to the Viru gates through which you are logged in and An old city.

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