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California. Death Valley — United States National Park. The vast, flat as a table, lifeless clay plateau — the hottest place on Earth. In short, the desert … But that is where there is one of the most curious and really captured the natural phenomena. Among this bare space scattered boulders — to view the most common, the size of a soccer ball up to half a ton of weight. And these stones have a tendency to change their location, leaving visible traces of their movement. And it's not the only place on the planet is …

Blue-stone — the legendary boulder, located near the village of Castle under Pereslavl.

According to ancient Russian tradition, this stone is living a spirit fulfilling dreams and desires.

At the beginning of the XVII century church joined in the fight with the pagan religion. Deacon Pereslavl Semenovskoy church Annufriy ordered to dig a big hole and throw it in the Hsin-stone. But after a few years boulder mysteriously looked out of the ground.

After 150 years, the church authorities decided to lay Pereslavl "magic" stone of the foundation of the local bell tower. Stone loaded onto a sled and taken over the ice of Lake Pleshcheeva. ICE kicked in, and Xin-stone sank to a depth of five meters. Soon the fishermen began to notice that the boulder slowly "mix up" on the bottom. After half a century, he was on the shore at the foot of the mountain Yarili-tion, where it is still …

This and similar stones and make come true scientists puzzle over which they are fighting in vain for decades.

What suggestions are put forward in this regard?

Mystics say that there is nothing to think — in the "wandering rocks" live otherworldly entities. As a proof of his innocence they bring sensational story, which had taken place in Britain during the Second World War.

It was in the county of Essex. From generation to generation there passed the legend of an evil spirit, who allegedly lived under the earth grown into a granite boulder. And the bulldozer, widen the road, turned aside the stone to the side. The events that led to the fact that in a small village from across the country gathered reporters.

In magazines and newspapers of the time you can find a detailed description of the mysterious phenomenon occurred. Here are just a few of them: on the church tower, which was empty and locked themselves began to call bells, heavy poles and farm implements were flying through the air …

The frightened village residents demanded the immediate return of the builders of the road stone to its rightful place. This was done with the execution of the relevant ancient magic rituals. Only then stopped doomsday.

Materialists do not recognize the evil forces of the right to life, looking for a more realistic explanation of this puzzle.

One of the commonplaces of versions — the impact of rain and wind. Researchers claim that the stones are moving because of the rain clay soil is slippery and the stone starts to slide, driven by wind gusts.

It is obvious that someone has put forward this hypothesis, the comfort of the office, and the other was picked up. In the appendix to cross the California Death Valley turns absurd. First, rain in places are rare. Second, the marks from the stones, often directed against the prevailing winds there.

A team Hampshire College tried to check in practice "version of rain," and nothing came of it. The soil drench with water, piled on top of the stone as a group, but never moved from his place. Then calculated and found that even on wet clay friction force is such that a half-ton stone can "blow away" the wind racing at speeds of 400 kilometers per hour. Such storms, even theoretically, it is hard to …

So what is the mystery of "wandering rocks"? Let's consider several hypotheses suggested by many different people.

…The legend of the "living stones" have no chance. Ploughmen Scandinavia and the Baltic countries are still seriously believe that the stones are not only able to move, but also to grow. Otherwise, where they are constantly arising in the fields, which are cultivated for centuries and regularly cleaned from them? These goodies ancient glacier again and again arise on the surface of the earth, disabling machinery, although it would seem, even the smallest stones have long had to be selected from arable land. The secret is simple. The essence of daily fluctuations in temperature. Stones are known expands when heated. Laser measurements clearly show that in the summer months, the sun illuminated the walls of houses goes up (as it were tilted) to the south. This, incidentally, is one of the reasons for the destruction of buildings. But back to the wandering boulders from the Valley of Death. Warming up in the afternoon sunshine, they expand to the south. With the onset of the same coolness of the night begin to dwindle, and the faster the north side, where there were fewer warmed up. So they crawl to the south. And out of the ground stones are creeping up toward the sun and warm the surface …

…It all depends on the specific weight of the stone. In the sand or heavy clay on a boulder may act "buoyant force", causing him to float and move around, but it is very slow …

…Due to changes in the gravitational field, vibration, subsidence and soil subsidence …

Well, like many others, the mystery of "wandering rocks" has not yet found the only correct explanation. Those hypotheses that exist to this day, still can not meet the serious study investigators.

A stones from time to time away from one place and start moving, leaving a distinct meandering tracks stretching for tens of meters.

IB Tsarev. Unknown, rejected or hidden?


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