Warlocks issue tax certificates




The tax authorities of Kalmykia, in particular, inspection of the Ministry of Taxes and Levies of Kalmykia, issued a clairvoyant Martha licensed to conduct legitimate in terms of the norms of the Russian law on business.
As the portal Creed cause for investigative journalism has served the massing of campaign clairvoyant Martha ("For the first time in Voronezh") in the local media, which began mid-2003
Periodically visited by Voronezh and other clairvoyants — Ludmila and Irina who give advertising, with the same type of Marfin. Services clairvoyants are quite expensive in comparison to the services of local colleagues working in this segment of the market, but a set of them is typical of other witches — the removal of the evil eye, damage, treatment / diagnosis of various diseases, fortune-telling. From visiting the local witches distinguish the more expensive removable premises that are used for receiving clients.
As it was established, the clairvoyant Martha was a young resident of the suburbs of Jan Sayapina. On all promotional photos clairvoyant Martha appears in mated peasant-style headscarf. She is also the founder and manager of "Destiny". Martha inspection certificate issued by the Ministry of Taxes and Levies of Kalmykia. At the place of registration of Martha clairvoyance was not involved.
"Pay taxes and yasnovid peace!" — Commented on the work of Martha Chairman of the Voronezh Chamber of Registration Viktor Demchenko.


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