Warts (papillomas)

Warts (papillomas)

What is it?

Papillomatosis — a disease caused by human papilloma viruses. By papillomaviruses are more than 70 different types of viruses, which combines together the fact that they affect mainly the skin and mucous membranes, causing tissue growth.

If papilloma virus misses skin — developing warts, if the mucosa, such as the penis, vagina, cervix, anus or — there called genital warts.

Most often asymptomatic — the presence of the virus in such cases does not cause significant growths.

However, warts in any case can not be considered harmless. The fact that the basis of formation of warts are the same processes as the basis for the development of tumors so long current condylomata is a precancerous condition. It is proved, for example, cervical condylomata increases the risk of cancer50-60 times. Virus HPV is also responsible for several cases of dysplasia (peeling) of the epithelium of the cervix, is transmitted during birth the baby.

Furthermore, overgrown warts can:

  • injured and bleeding;
  • interfere with normal sexual life;
  • trouble as a cosmetic defect;
  • cause psychological discomfort;
  • prevent normal delivery.

Diagnosis andtreatment

Diagnosis kondilomatoza does not cause too much difficulty — warts are identified during routine inspections at the dermatologist.

In order to ensure that their viral nature, using PCR — a special research method that allows to identify viral particles in smears from the vaginal or cervical scrapes etc.

Condylomata almost never goes alone, and requires special treatment. Typically, it starts with the purpose of antiviral drugs or interferons, and then disposed of warts with liquid nitrogen (cryosurgery), laser or electrocautery.

Also used chemical effect ("burn" papilloma acid), etc. Thus necessarily simultaneous treatment of all sexual partners.

During pregnancy frequently recur visible warts tend to proliferate and become loose. Treatment pregnant desirable to carry out the early stages, taking extra precautions. It is recommended to only use physical methods (cryotherapy and laser). Antiviral drugs are contraindicated in pregnant women.

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