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In the years of the liberal skepticism belief in evil spirits, we have kept a few. Today noticeable improvements

Another fifteen or twenty years ago the inhabitants of the infernal worlds were officially outlawed by hiding underground corners of the collective unconscious. Even the professionals had to take and examine the nature of samizdat publications that were distributed illegally.

In those years were taboo topics such as the transmigration of souls (reincarnation), life after death, the occult spiritism, communication with the other world in other ways (white and black magic), etc. Even the sciences of the rapidly developing all over the world and astrology ufology, were declared false sciences of the USSR, along with genetics and cybernetics, and their followers have often been repressed.

Today, we note with pleasure, the situation has changed radically. In the first years of publicity readers have many reference books on demonology and guidance on practical magic. The number of periodicals devoted to the subject, while the tens of a lot of overtaking on the total circulation and quality printing performance competing publication of a pornographic nature. And today, despite the fact that the Internet offers many sites corresponding profile, the traditional demand of the population are still in print, devoted to clairvoyance, the removal of damage and the evil eye, fortune telling, predicting the future and the interpretation of dreams as having a vital practical significance. In these disciplines are published and self-help books, but their circulations still clearly insufficient. Therefore, people prefer to apply directly to the media skills of this kind.

Interested in new methods of care practiced by some clairvoyant. Recognized experts help those in need living in remote corners of the country and are unable to make an appointment in person. Clients send simple or registered mail to the address of the expert with the most complete description of the problem and pre-paid. Payment for such services within the ability even to poor: teachers, village doctors, librarians, persons working in the cultural sector, students, pensioners, disabled people and so on.

Incomparably better things with the astrological services to the population. It offers users the Internet and media. Today, almost no self-respecting publication (both at the Centre and in the regions) is not complete without the obligatory publication of horoscopes for a day, a week, a month (depending on the frequency of the publication). Moreover, account must be taken in the interests of every member of either sign zodiac cycle. As in the civilized world, we have developed its own domestic stars astrological forecast, and they can often be seen on the silver screen.

Since, as already mentioned, many areas of knowledge in our country for a long time in silence, if not were banned for a long time was almost launched to drift process of exorcism. Unfortunately, the state, including the so-called security forces, has withdrawn from the solutions to this pressing problem. To honor her today for her came from the Orthodox Church, and on a regular basis. Allocated special staff to work with the people and in remote parishes. Not every priest admitted to this practice because, in addition to strong faith, here require skills and personal experience, and the episcopate gives permission to hold this ceremony to a narrow circle of priests.

Typical of many of both Christian and Muslim practice of witch hunts, we also, until recently, virtually non-existent. Also kept the faith in witches, and therefore fear of them few. This is a consequence prevailed in our country for many years the liberal skepticism. Only in recent years in this area there have been positive developments. Unfortunately, such well-known benefits in this area as, say, "The Hammer of Witches", now hopelessly out of date: it is clear that the practices of the past — for example, the burning of witches at the stake — not acceptable today. Besides manual bears the unmistakable imprint of Catholicism …

It should be said that attempts to deny the existence of unsubstantiated so-called lower world is gradually giving way to a more balanced opinion. In some areas have seen the emergence of witches as hiking and riding on a broomstick, as well as fire-breathing flying kites, which are observers in the reports referred to as a UFO. It is noted that evil can turn around a scientist, the police officer in rank, the entrepreneur (cases wrapping of culture is not checked). Commendable in the promotion of the sacred knowledge bases shifts on our TV. A permanent job with horoscopes is good for business and shifts the consciousness of the population in the direction of safe sex …

According brooms, gentlemen. Everyone else can be a Witcher. Or, in any case, a hunter on it. Still inconclusive lost time.

Nicole Klimontovich

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