Web-based application for fire fighting

Web-based application for fire Facts

For firefighters, as no one in the world, it is vital to get the information about what is happening. Therefore, the young company FireWhat Inc., Founded by two firefighters and MIT graduate, has developed a free mobile platform for innovative fire service. On the Web site also contains information on current fires, information is updated constantly, to prevent delay in 12-24 hours, and helps save the lives of people and the flora and fauna.

The development was named FireWhat. Its main advantage is the speed of update of the burning areas and public access. Fire service at any level or ordinary citizen can use it to fight the fire, to plan the evacuation and reduce losses. Especially when you consider that each year in the U.S. alone, 100,000 wildfires destroy 1.6-2 million hectares of forest.
Available on the website of fire maps, weather forecasts for specific locations burning, general warnings concerning weather. Every fire has features by location, continuously updated data on the size, type, etc. mobile app not only provides all the information about the fire hearth, but also helps them in 2 minutes to forecast using a special calculator that identifies 27 parameters (weather, altitude, time, etc.).
In FireWhat contains a section for the layman, which contains a list of documents that should be in the first place to take out of the house in case of fire, recommendations on how and when to evacuate, like himself, to lead, when the fire the approaches within a certain distance to the home or when the house is on fire.
FireWhat Inc. working with the Red Cross to help disseminate information about shelters, how to get to them. Then the project will be expanded, but the mobile version of the app will remain free from iTunes App Store.

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