What unusual abilities you have, your friends and acquaintances?




Leonid Zhukhovitskii, writer:

— My close friend, the writer Anatoly Pristavkin, thirty seconds relieves headaches — arm movements along the temples, even without touching the head. Repeatedly tested it on himself.

Vladimir FURSOV, deputy head of the Department of the Military University of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation:

— When I served in the Far East, we had the commander of the district, who had the gift of foresight. This interested even Yeltsin — he repeatedly called a general in Moscow and asked to predict the future. Some of the prophecies (eg heart surgery) have come true a hundred percent.

Tears for Fears (CORD), the leader of the group "Leningrad":

— The most unusual is my ability — to take the breast frequently and in large quantities. Once I poured a liter of whiskey inside yourself, to insist on some grass. My heart almost stopped — thanks to "emergency room" …

Inna FEDOTOVA, collector phenomenal cases (Volgograd)

— In our town there is a wonderful man, Anatoly Skromchaninov that 13 years of living without money. It is, in principle, in their hands does not take. That's his vow to serve God.

Vladimir Vinokurov, Director of Theatre musical parodies:

— I'm probably the world's only artist who voluntarily asks to shoot himself. It happens every time we are together with the Left Leshenko are in for a ski.

Vladimir Shainsky, Composer:

— I shock the people that run in the freezing cold on the street in his underwear and mittens.

Oleg Nazarov, showman:

— My friend can talk to animals. We walked with him down the street, we were surrounded by a pack of dogs and began to bark furiously. A friend raised his hand: "Come shut up!" And scattered flock.

Dmitri Steinberg, a prominent lawyer:

— I have a phenomenal ability — to leave personal belongings unattended. Once the January frosty evening when I was swimming in a pond in Ostankino, some guys whistled my clothes, leaving me in some batches, with no money and a mobile phone. But I'm naked through Moscow managed to get to the house.

Sergei Zverev, stylist:

— My friend, the magician Hmayak Hakobyan, knows so many jokes that he was just talking to them, a smooth transition from one to the other. Here's one of them: "In the 45 Baba berry again. But not all the same like dried fruit! "

January 30, 2004

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