When a late drink Borjomi

When a late drink Borjomi.  Illustration from the site www.sciencephoto.com

Dull aching pain and tightness in the back, too frequent, or, on the contrary, unusually rare trips to the bathroom "in the small", change the color or turbidity of urine … these troubles — a signal that disrupted the work of one of the most important systems of the body — urinary tract.

In the vernacular, most of the illnesses of the system dump taken on the kidneys. A reason to have such indiscriminately — that this body has a central role in the important matter of excretion of soluble wastes.

Recall how the kidneys work. In the outer layer of each of them (kidneys — is paired organ) is working non-stop about a million "work units" — nephrons, whose efforts of all the excess blood is withdrawn. The resulting urine collected in a chamber similar to funnel the so-called renal pelvis, and from there flows into the ureterbladder. With the accumulation of fluid its muscular walls are stretched, and cell-specific receptors in the brain sends a signal that bubble filled. The following is the command to relax the muscle "lock", and the urethra is poured out another piece of waste.

What happens in the case of "failure" of this system? If for some reason (inflammation, tumor, vascular lesions, severe viral infection, poisoning, etc.) fails part of the nephrons and the number of employees falls below a certain level, begins intoxication (self-poisoning) of the organism. Appear edema, nausea, increased blood pressure, back pain is felt heavy. Urinalysis reveals the presence of protein, and sometimes — blood. But the pain can not be, so if a doctor after you, for example, suffered flu, gives direction for a urine test, it must be done carefully.

Harmful to the kidneys and can be formed in these stones. They make themselves known persistent or recurrent pain. If the stone covers the way the flow of urine, the person begins renal colic. Its main satellite — acute pain, exciting part of the abdomen. Trying to find a comfortable position, a person is literally tossing in bed. At the same time, heat may be, bounce blood pressure, cause chills, weakness, and nausea. Renal colic usually begins after heavy physical exertion or heavy drinking.

Pain, pulling or shooting to the left or right side of the abdomen to the bladder — a sign of problems in the ureters. The most common reason for them — descended from kidney stones, and sometimes — inflammation.

A viscous aching pain over the pubis — "calling card" of diseases of the urinary bladder. In average a person should stand about one and a half liters of urine. This amount is normally fit in four to six urination. Inflammation bladder causes a person to run to the bathroom more often. Conversely, infrequent trips to the bathroom associated with fatigue, colds and intoxication — that is, situations that weaken the muscles of the urinary bladder.

The urethra often suffer from infections, stones and sand in transit. Disadvantage manifests itself burning, itching and cutting in the beginning of urination, purulent discharge, redness around the external opening. But perhaps blurred the disease: isolation noticeable only in the mornings, and exacerbation occur only after sex or alcoholic excesses.

Without treatment, chronic inflammation of the urethra can easily lead to complications: prostatitis in men and the whole bouquet of gynecological diseases in women.

Irina Kudryavtseva

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