When circumcision is necessary

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In circumcision, there is nothing wrong — it is a simple and safe surgery, which in some cases is a must. In some cases, however the man should be circumcised? How is this delicate procedure? Whether it is necessary to circumcise infants prophylactically?

All these issues we talked to the chief doctor of a multidisciplinary clinic "Capital Doctor", Doctor of Medical Sciences, Urologist the highest category Andrei Petrovich Morozov.

— Tell me, is it true that there is a disease in which circumcision is the primary method of treatment?

Yes, there is such a disease, it is called phimosis. This is a pathology in which the head of the penis can not be opened because the foreskin is too tight it pulls together. Doctors separate the two types of phimosis: congenital and acquired. Congenital phimosis occurs in children — the head of the penis can not be opened from birth. In adult males may develop acquired phimosis, usually the result of some infections of the foreskin. Very often such problems occur in people with diabetes.

— Is it really important that the head of the penis could open?

It is very important. The fact is that if the head does not open, under the foreskin forms a closed space where a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria. If you do not wash your head, then sooner or later the growth of the bacteria lurking under the foreskin will lead to an inflammatory process. Get rid of this problem is only with the help of circumcision when the foreskin is not giving head open, removed surgically.

— If parents are worried whether their child has congenital phimosis, when they need to check if everything is in order?

Since the birth. It should do pediatric surgeons. When a boy is born, and bring it to the surgeon for the first appointment, the doctor, first of all, checks whether he has omitted the testicles into the scrotum, and look how well set up the head of the penis. Parents from an early age the boy should follow the recommendations for the care of the foreskin of the child.

— Why there is phimosis in adults?

Because of bacterial activity. Between the foreskin and the head starts the inflammatory process, in which the foreskin can begin to narrow. During an erection of the penis head rests on the ring of the foreskin, which makes it come out. But that's not all. When starting the inflammatory process, the inner layer between the skin of the foreskin and the head may form adhesions so that they are just adhered to each other, begins to form between the connective tissue. When is their forced separation, they can appear even necrotic ulcers.

However, all these problems can be solved by cutting: the upper portion of the foreskin is removed, the edges are sewn, so that the head is opened and it is now easy to easy to clean.

— What if the head is opened, but the foreskin of the penis severely pinched?

This is another disease, it is called paraphimosis. When Paraphimosis head is erect opens, but a narrow ring of the foreskin, releasing it infringes the penis. As a result of the infringement disrupted the normal blood supply to the head, which can bring to necrosis. Therefore, when Paraphimosis need emergency surgery, you need as quickly as possible to cut this narrowing a ring to restore normal blood flow to the head.

— How fast you need to act? After all, it's a threat at all to lose a member of the …

Typically, this situation occurs when not quite sober man commits a sexual act, and then, in spite of the fact that an erection persists and the head is open, falls asleep. When he wakes up, he sees that the head was swollen, pull back the foreskin can not be. Swelling occurs rapidly, there are pain, so that the man instantly sobers up and runs to the doctor.

— And what does the doctor?

There are two options. If we receive a patient with paraphimosis, we usually reduce a foreskin back, abundantly watering place bloated with special solutions that contain antiseptic and analgesic. If the swelling is too strong, then the commit operation: Cleaved udavlivayuschee ring and restore normal blood flow.

— And it so happens that a grown man does not circumcised for medical and religious reasons? For example, when referring to Islam or Judaism?

Of course. It is quite a common situation. Moreover, this problem can be solved as in the medical clinic, where professional doctors will make him undergo surgery with anesthesia, as well as, say, in the synagogue, where there are real aces of the case. Once I was in Prague, there is a Jewish neighborhood Josefov, where there is the oldest synagogue in Europe, founded in the XIII century. Here in the synagogue kept one of the oldest sets to cut, made of silver. Of course, if you do not do this procedure the doctors will have to wait. Although it is a quick procedure, but usually a lot of blood, and severe pain. By the way, that there is no infection, the wound before they cast dust. Also, to put it mildly, not the most modern method.

— How are circumcised modern doctors?

In our clinic, we always do this operation with anesthesia, and then impose a hemostatic sutures holding electrocoagulation of blood vessels, in short, do everything that there was no bleeding.

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— How long is the surgery itself?

It depends on the surgeon's dexterity. Maximum — 15 minutes. First, you need an anesthetic, wait for it to take effect, to cut off the foreskin, stop the bleeding, apply several hemostatic sutures. After these procedures, tissue healing is going very fast, but for 10-12 days after the operation is better to abstain from sex as the sexual act itself is painful.

— Why do some cultures, circumcision for all infants?

Yeah, so do Muslims, Jews. Apparently, this is due to the fact that these people live in hot climates, where the shortage of water, so that it is impossible to wash frequently. And when there are problems with the intimate hygiene is a good chance of phimosis acquired through exposure to infections. In those cultures where there is no problem with water and have the opportunity to regularly perform hygiene procedures, circumcision is not universal.

Any pathological condition requires a clear indication for surgery!

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