When should you check your hearing?

When should you check your hearing?  Photo from www.veer.com

Hearing loss often occurs gradually and imperceptibly. Others may find it faster than you. However, sufficient and simple observations to identify hearing loss early.

If you feel that you are not okay with hearing, answer the following questions:

  1. How often do you hear a knock on the door or the phone ringing?
  2. Do you experience difficulties when talking on the phone?
  3. Have you ever heard the approaching car only at the last moment?
  4. How often do you ask talk keep it down?
  5. It does not appear you have the feeling that your hearing depends on the weather?
  6. It is more difficult if you hear the words of the interlocutor in the noisy company?
  7. Complain to your home that you turn on the TV is too loud?
  8. In the theater, or on performances you try to sit closer to the stage, to hear all?
  9. Low male voices you hear better than women and children?
  10. You get the feeling that most people speak clearly or mumble?

If a few questions you answered in the affirmative, you need to see a doctor otolaryngologist. Virtually any hearing loss may be corrected, particularly if the alarm sounded at the time. Doctor conduct examination and prescribe conservative treatment, surgery, improving hearing, or refer you to a hearingcare professional.

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