When there is no time to hurt

Finally, wait! To us came true winter. Snowy, frosty. And what a beautiful snow was on New Year's Eve. Not a picture, but a fairy tale! In addition, only in the winter on the weekend, we can forget about everything and devote a day a child's game with snowballs, sleds yes skates. As luck would have to work a lot to do, we have to stay up late. Besides vitamins on the table a little bit, in the natural fruits and vegetables in the winter there are almost none. Whence courage to take the power to draw yeah?

Did you know that organism, prone to stress, weakened body — the best bait for viruses and germs? Have you ever wondered why your child often gets cold in the winter? Why travel to transport coughing and sneezing, infecting others? Why with the onset of winter in the newspapers are full of headlines about the rare outbreaks and their pathogens?

The answer is simple — by the middle of our winter organism exhausted. First delivery of annual plans and reports, and then a protracted series of events, changes in temperature. That's when we were in a hurry to influenza, acute respiratory disease, SARS and other troubles. Our task ahead of them.

There are truths. One reads: "Was Tempered, if you want to be healthy. " The recipe is good, but you can not come to him overnight. This is a long and gradual process, but the time just here and there …

Tea with raspberry, lemon and honey, and has already become a panacea at all, because this recipe from childhood, to the same means tastes good and does not need the hassle. Meanwhile, honey, in addition to its medicinal qualities, strong allergen, so is not for everyone. Tea with Raspberry — perfect means vs. temperature, but not to prevent disease. Lemon — the most well-known source of vitamin C, only You need to eat more than one slice, and a couple of ripe fruit and untreated, which can lead to diseases of the digestive system …

Experienced professionals, contrary to public opinion about the temporary isolation, in order to protect from potential viruses and their vectors, recommend more often walk in the fresh air, especially in the cold, because most of the pathogens do not survive in this environment, but also more likely to be aired. Only do not get carried away, all must know when to stop!

There are other methods. For example, the older generation is beginning to strongly absorb the onion and garlic. Indeed, it is "cheap and cheerful". However, in the office or at business meetings with this arsenal of hard to …

Then on the warpath against the epidemic out advanced users. In this age can hardly surprise anyone immunomodulatory drugs, prophylactic agents and even vaccines against pathogens. All this is effectively and efficiently, but only in the complex, and only if the body initially healthy. Then these measures will become the body armor of any enemies outside.

What do you do when the body is exhausted, it is likely that at the end of winter? You must first restore the natural defenses. So no matter what you choose, hardening, medications or complete isolation from potential pathogens and viruses, be sure to buy an effective means to maintain health and your body's defenses — vitamins! Where are they sold? Like all medicines, they are sold in a pharmacy, it serves as a guarantee of their quality and effectiveness. Does it matter what brand or complex to choose? Of course, yes. Quality vitamins depends primarily on the raw materials from which they are made, the active ingredients, indications for use, the reputation of producing them. For example, for daily protection of the body is enough to take one tablet vitamins "Vitrum" in the day and the recovery process will go much faster, happier and more active.

I convinced myself that it is very effective, especially in the winter. All thanks to a unique combination of high-quality components that will be your lifeline, especially in the cold season, as well as the immune system will wake up from hibernation. And for the youngest fans of winter fun and fun with friends, there are special complexes "Vitrum" corresponding to their age, because our babies get sick once!


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