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In Sydney unknown robbers stole a bag of gold and silver coins. The actual loss due to theft not exceeding two hundred dollars, but the thieves had treated harshly tucked, to his misfortune, the constable, and he died of his wounds.

Sydney police immediately wanted to avenge the death of an employee, and when turned up a Joseph Samuels, a man with a bad reputation, which was in the pockets of a few coins disappeared, he immediately sewed the murder of Constable.

It did not help the guy and what he presented several witnesses who confirmed that Samuels won the coin in one of the gambling dens. And even the fact that there was a lot of other witnesses who claimed that Joseph at the time of theft was drunk and was at a distance of several miles from the crime scene.

Joseph Samuels still forced to confess his involvement in the robbery, and the court immediately accused him of murder on the basis of circumstantial evidence. Samuels was sentenced to death by hanging.

Another suspect in the robbery, Isaac Symonds is still under investigation, as the police could not extract from him any recognition. To get him to talk, the police chief ordered to deliver Symonds to the execution of his partner in crime.

On the morning of the execution Samuels, standing on the cart next to the gallows, made a short speech. He repeated his confession of complicity in the robbery, but denied any involvement in the murder of Constable. In fact, Samuels said, calmly and without bitterness, the real killer is in the crowd. He was brought here under police guard to look at the penalty.

At the mention of his name Symonds started screaming, trying to drown out the word suicide in the cart. But Samuels went on to talk about what happened, tying a knot of suspicion around the neck shouting and flushed Symonds.

When Samuels began his story, the guards have slipped the noose around his neck. At the time of his story on the crowd was easy sly, soon grew into a murmur, and eventually turned into a roar demanding the release of Samuels and judge Symonds. The assembled audience leaned forward, apparently trying to free the doomed, but the guard whipped up his horses and wagon jumped out from under the feet Samuels. He chatted for a while in the loop with the second, but the rope broke, and Samuels fell on the ground face down.

The guards formed a square to keep the crowd, while the executioner was preparing a new rope. Samuels, a fainting after the first terrible test, again placed in the cart — this time he was sitting on a barrel, as he could not stand. The police chief gave the signal again, and the wagon was pulled out from under his feet again accident. The crowd watched in horror at what is happening: rope became unravel strand by strand as long as your feet do not touch the ground Samuels, and he got enough support not to suffocate.

The crowd roared:

— Cut the rope! Cut the rope! It will. Lord!

But the police chief did not want to confuse poor performance with divine craft. He ordered his soldiers to put a new rope on his neck Samuels and sentenced for the third time flew down. At this time, the rope snapped over his head.

The soldier loosened the noose to give Samuels breath. Alarmed by the chief of police jumped on his horse and ran at full speed to the governor to report about the incredible events that flared during the execution.

The governor immediately ordered the pardon, but it took some time before Samuels came to what is happening around. According to witnesses, he was confused and a little bit crazy because at first did not understand what was forgiven.

After the main character of this unique drama was taken away from the scene, the police chief suspect began to inspect the rope, which played such an amazing role in this matter. Do not have spoiled them in advance?

No, the ropes were fine. The latter was a completely new and later withstood repeated tests on the break with a falling weight weighing about 200 pounds. Even when the two strands were broken, the latter maintained its full weight.

According to the record of the case, Isaac Symonds was later convicted and hanged for the murder of Constable.

However, Joseph Samuels was not the only one who managed to miraculously get out of the loop.

When John Lee was charged with the brutal murder of an old woman, the court sentenced him to death by hanging, which was to be held at Exeter.

Gloomy cold windy morning, February 23, 1895 Lee was led to the scaffold.

Gathered about a hundred spectators. Professional butcher carefully checked the serviceability of components of its sinister mechanism. Rope straightened and smeared with oil, and the door hinges oiled; trigger frees the hatch sash, carefully examined.

The wind ruffled dress Lee prison when he stumbled up the steps. Lee muttered that was cold, but the guards did not pay any attention to a complaint — he did not stay long freeze. With strong hands tied behind their backs Lee stepped into the door and stood in the center.

On signal, the executioner pulled the pin, holds the sash door. But … Nothing happened.

Lee stood helplessly by tilting the head forward a closed bag, and expected to fall. Executioner hurriedly crawled under construction scaffold to figure out what was wrong. Check, as befitted her, came into the corresponding recess, but the door leaf, which was Lee, not even flinch.

One of the guards took Lee's arm and led him away, while the executioner again prepared a mechanism to take action and began to check the hatch. When he pulled the pin, sash immediately fell down.

Sentenced again put into place. Again, pulled the pin, and again the door did not move. By shaking from the cold crowd was murmuring. The audience became agitated. Officials worried, realizing that something must be done, and immediately. Hatch decided to check the serviceability of the prison itself. He stepped on it, supported by the guards who stood on the platform. Luke load instantly, and the warden has hung in the hands of the guards.

And John Lee increased until the cell, where he remained for some time at a loss, not knowing about the reasons for the postponement of execution because he saw nothing. At a signal from the warden again brought to the gallows platform. The third and fourth pulled the pin, but the door sash never moved from the spot.

The warden broke out in perspiration. However, the executioner and guards too. As they admitted later, they felt terribly embarrassed himself by challenging the power that is felt but could not see. When John Lee was not, the door leaf perfectly worked well, but as soon as he got up to his seat, sunroof as if to refute the law of gravity. Why?

Sheriff decided to suspend the execution and sent a report to his superiors. Reported to the Minister of the Interior. A debate in Parliament. Finally, the death sentence to John Lee was commuted to life imprisonment.

But the sentence was commuted, and soon John Lee was released.

Although the instrument of death after this case was subjected to lengthy detailed verification, explaining why the door did not work, when it was John Lee with a noose around his neck, and has not been found.

Maybe the answer he knew Lee, who many years later told reporters: "I always had the feeling that I was getting some help from a force more powerful than gravity itself!"

Prepared by
G. Arakcheevs,
Cherkasy region.
"Interesting Newspaper"
Number 11 (86) Block D

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