Who needs this prostatitis?

If you do not need a prostatitis, it is strongly advised not to engage in casual sex. And if you do that, then protect yourself. Otherwise there will be trouble.

Sexually Transmitted Infections (partner can about them and do not know, because some of them may not bother about it), pathogens which are chlamydia, ureaplasma, mycoplasma, trichomonas, solidly justified in the prostate gland in men. If you have a strong immune system, for some time, you will be able to peacefully coexist with the "uninvited guests" are not even aware of their presence. However, it should defeat the infection immunity — once you feel it. Resi when urinating, frequent trips to the bathroom, pulling and sharp pain in the groin, erectile dysfunction (in some cases) — all sure signs that began in the prostate gland inflammation.

These symptoms are typical for acute prostatitis — this is the most painful stage of the disease. That just will not do, just to relieve the pain. But here's what to do does not really need — is to take symptomatic agents that are "jammed" the signs of the disease, without fighting the cause. Illness in this case quietly becomes chronic, with infections, "somehow" fighting immune system, and you do not even know what the prostate slowly but surely change occurs.

Chronic prostatitis may be asymptomatic, and this is its danger, as the disease remains unaddressed. The slightest weakening of the immune system, hypothermia or other, even minor factors that can trigger an exacerbation. And then the "vivid sensations" and sleepless nights you provided. But most importantly, the disease can already be considered to be running, and its treatment will be required of you and your doctor literate concerted action for a long time.

Of course, there are other forms of prostatitis — not infectious, but they are much less common. Basically prostatitis — the result of unprotected sex. It is worth noting that the disease is much younger. If earlier prostatitis occurs predominantly in men, "after forty," now it is suffering and the younger generation. And this is extremely annoying, because it affects the male reproductive system.

The chronic form of prostatitis is a time bomb. It is dangerous not only acute attacks of the disease, but also pathological changes in tissues of the prostate. By disrupting the normal operation, there occur changes in metabolism, blood flow and nutrition of cells and tissues, moreover occur stagnation.

Against the background of these changes is a chaotic cell division and, as a consequence, tissue growth — the formation of adenomas. BPH — benign tumor, but it can become malignant, that is reborn in cancer. Men with BPH should be regularly examined by a doctor and take measures to control the disease.

What tools can help if prostatitis is present in your life in one way or in another form? What means to be trusted with prostate cancer?

Choose products that are recommended by doctors.

And they recommend media appropriate to the main selection criteria: safety with prolonged use, efficiency, an expanded and comprehensive approach to the disease. Often they recommend FITOPROSTAN.

FITOPROSTAN — is a unique joint development of Finnish and Russian scientists, which over the years of presence in the market has received many positive reviews of grateful patients.

The structure FITOPROSTANA includes many natural ingredients: Flax seed extract, produced by the original patented, goldenrod extract, grape skin extract, pine bark extract Mediterranean "Pycnogenol" vitamins B6 and E, zinc amino acid chelate, beta-sitosterol, lycopene, citrus bioflavonoids, sodium selenite. Such a complex of active ingredients comprehensive affects the prostate gland, helping to solve a wide range of problems.

Components FITOPROSTANa act systemically: reduce inflammation and swelling of the prostate gland, eliminate pain, making the process of being established urination. The complex has a pronounced anti-microbial properties, promotes the disappearance of infectious and inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract. Such action is particularly important in acute and chronic prostatitis.

In addition, FITOPROSTAN prevents proliferation of prostatic tissue, restore and normalize the biochemical processes, improves intracellular metabolism of iron, which is essential for the prevention of adenoma or to improve the condition of the prostate with pre-existing conditions. Being not a hormonal agent, FITOPROSTAN beneficial effects on the production of male sex hormone — regulates the production and normalizes the exchange of testosterone.

FITOPROSTAN — is an active complex, created by scientists to preserve the health of the male body.

FITOPROSTAN manufactured in Finland on modern equipment with the latest technologies. Raw material for it is grown exclusively on environmentally friendly Finnish lands, making the plant contain a maximum concentration of nutrients in the absence of toxic components.


Ask in the pharmacies of your city.


There are contraindications.  Should consult a specialist.

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