Who should be afraid of the flu?


This spring, the media literally blasted the news about a new form of flu that can be deadly to humans. And just remember Stephen King's novel "Armageddon", which refers to the deadly infection that destroys people. Now we know that we are not facing death. But that does not make the flu virus less scary. So, who in the first place should be protected from the flu?

All susceptible to the flu, it is highly contagious, transmitted through the air (airborne), and in a matter of days is able to lay in bed, thousands of people. Only if it is for adults disease only annoying and hard to break into a portable work for a few days, the children and the elderly is also a threat to undermine the health and earn serious complications. Because these categories of people are particularly susceptible to viral infection due to a weak immunity.

So who is at risk and may be ill among the first?

First of all, these are children. Babies under 6 months is still "working" immunity obtained from the mother, and then it should protect the body's own immune system. Pediatricians believe that the maturation of the immune system is completed by the age of 7, and all the while the child is particularly vulnerable to colds. Additional risk factors for children are school and kindergarten: a children's collective infections are transmitted more quickly. So many mothers complain pediatricians that started to drive a child to kindergarten, and now he is sick, incessantly.

Special mention deserve the people suffering from chronic diseases, especially diseases of the heart, lungs and kidneys. They are not highly desirable ache — This is a dangerous burden on the sick bodies, plus a decrease in the body's defenses. Susceptible to infections and the elderly — immunity they have weakened due to age reasons.

How to protect yourself and your family from the flu?Who should be afraid of the flu?

Do not be amiss to observe the general recommendations: avoid stress and fatigue, eat right, do not overload the body and not supercool to eat more fruits and vegetables. If someone in your family has the flu, remember to care — the patient should have a separate set of dishes and a separate towel — the flu virus is transmitted through the air with tiny particles of saliva. Keep the room ventilated and do wet cleaning.

Recently, the group became popular drugs — immunomodulators. Normally our body starts the system of protection when virus has penetrated into the cells and actively propagated there, highlighting the toxins. And if the immune system can not cope, the virus wins, and man ill. A immunomodulators run security processes in the body before meeting with the virus. It turns out that our organism is in the "alert" before meeting with the virus, which greatly increases the chances of getting sick and deal with the malicious agent.

Who should be afraid of the flu?Which drug to choose for prevention?

The choice is really great, and everyone chooses what fits him best. Recommended to give the kids immunomodulators designed specifically for children, such as "Anaferon children." It is safe and at the same time an effective medicine, which is designed and manufactured the Russian pharmaceutical company. Adult issued the usual "Anaferon." The drug is safe, virtually no contraindications or side effects, it is compatible with all the medicines, which expands the possibilities of its use for the elderly and patients with chronic diseases.

How long it makes sense to prevent the flu?

It all depends on the condition of your body. If healthy people enough to take the drug for 2-3 weeks during the outbreak, the weakened and often ill course of prevention can be extended to 3 months, which will protect the entire epidemiological season.

And remember that whatever measures are good without fanaticism. It is not necessary to restrict communication and avoid visiting public places just because of fear of contracting the flu — you can even pick up your porch. So live life to the fullest, strengthen the immune system and do not get sick!


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