Who threatens to impotence?


In this article, we will examine the risk group — those facing erectile dysfunction and how to fight it.

Problem: The way of life

In erectile dysfunction plays an important role Unhealthy Lifestyle: Smoking, alcohol, drugs, poor diet. Office work contributes to the development of ED (erectile dysfunction), the mite: a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy and unbalanced diet (a lack of important nutrients, excess fat and salt), stress and a sedentary lifestyle. All this leads to a deterioration of the small blood vessels of the penis — they just fail, refusing to fill with blood at the right time and cause a healthy erection.

Solution: gym, treadmill, diet, avoiding harmful habits (smoking and alcohol — in the first place).


Problem: The psycho-emotional overload

Conflict with a partner, hypochondria, anxiety, uncertainty in the forces — A sure way to failure in bed. Sometimes it happens during prostate, causing the fear of pain and discomfort. Worst of all, if you are mentally afraid of failure — there'll probably work law sandwich (when the worst fears are justified.)

Solution: discussion of conflicts, trying to find a mutual compromise, steam therapy, sedatives and a desire to think positively.


The problem: cardiovascular and endocrine diseases

Ischemic heart disease, diabetes, atherosclerosis, hypertension (high blood pressure). We can not do without the advice of a good therapist, cardiologist or endocrinologist (diabetes). Treatment of the underlying disease and help improve erectile function (everything is interconnected).

Solution: treatment of the underlying disease, moderate physical activity, course welcome "impazu." The drug has no negative effect on the cardiovascular system, so "impazu" no contraindications to receiving cores, is the only drug used to treat erectile dysfunction, which can be combined with nitrates.


Problem: The post-operative condition

With failure of conservative treatment BPH, at the third stage of the tumor performed surgery (resection of adenomas). After surgery, there may be problems with erectile dysfunction, and it also requires attention and restoration.

Solution: A course of treatment (2-3 months) "impazu" and "Athaliah" diet.


The problem: age

With age, the amount of the male hormone — testosterone decreases. The dynamics of its reduction corresponds to about one percent a year. Against this background, there is a natural weakening of sexual function.

Solution: do not give up and do not write off yourself ahead of time! Proper diet, active lifestyle and a good mood — half the battle. The other half — a course of drugs that enhance the potency of (the possibility of the use of certain funds be sure to ask your doctor).


Problem: The decline in erectile function while taking certain drugs.

This problem can cause diuretics (water pills), antihypertensives (funds, reducing pressure), cardiac drugs, tranquilizers, antidepressants, drugs to treat gastritis and ulcers, hormones, drugs (alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, barbiturates).

Solution: rejection of narcotic drugs and alcohol, consultation with a physician and a selection of the best medicines.


Problem: neurological diseases

After a stroke may develop erectile dysfunction. This may be due to the conduction disturbance excitation pulses in the brain and spinal cord.

Solution: supervision by a neurologist and rehabilitation.


Problem: The pelvic trauma

Injuries and fractures of the pelvis can lead to the development of impotence. For the same reason applies injury or fracture of the penis.

Solution: consultation with a surgeon and urologist. If necessary — physical therapy.



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