Why do some people stick metal?




Russian doctors have explained why some people stick metal objects. Details of the correspondent Anton Wojciechowski.

Leonid G. all started with the old calculator "Electronics". Previously, he worked intermittently, and once completely out of order. Then for some reason the body was "be anchored" everything from metal, and everything is flat. Leonid G. says that "all because of the brain. It produces bio-field. "

What exactly produces the brain and how it is called, did not understand. In the early 90's came the Japanese. Look, think and invited to their experiments. The results so far are silent, but the fact is that some cling to the body even irons.

Who is who has more pull — Irons "magnetic people" or vice versa — a moot point. Not only in Russia but also abroad. Whatever Photo — be sure your iron on his chest!

A "magnetic lady says," that this phenomenon had a problem: "I worked as a cashier, I have all the money metal slide. No one believed … ".

Professor, Russian State Medical University Vsevolod Akimov, "If stuck to his forehead, to look for sebum and its composition."

A word of advice from Akimov: Take cotton wool and wipe with alcohol where the "magnetized." And then try to re-attach the spoon. And if you stick with a silver spoon, which is an insulator, what kind of magnetism is all about?

Meanwhile, there are in Saratov "magnetic Tinkaevyh family." There rubbing alcohol all but the baby Julia. And nothing — as objects of clinging, and stick still. But only to the skin, and only something flat.

For the experiment, found a large flat baking tray from the oven. On television hostess he hung like a limpet …

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