Will Israel use nuclear weapons

Will Israel use nuclear weapons

Results of the second Lebanon war and the 2009 war in Gaza give rise to new changes in the native disposition of another war.

Command logistics management IDF (IDF), Major-General E. Eisenberg at the end of December 2012 stated that the conflict is likely to be conducted with the use of weapons of mass destruction. Regional Services Logistics and local authorities have been instructed to prepare for a long war for up to 7 weeks.

General warned that the «Arab Spring» (a string of democratic revolutions in the Arab world) threatens to turn into a «radical Islamic winter.»

Official Israeli policy towards their enemies was clearly announced yet Ben-Gurion, the first Prime Minister of Israel. According to him, a nightmare for the Jewish state — is a peace treaty with the Palestinians. Since the peace agreement will eliminate the possibility of armed provocations throughout the area of ​​conflict. After all, even the ignorant philistine clear: Israel profitable radicalization of military action, he skillfully uses it as a tool for its own expansion in the Middle East.

Intentional leak disk imaging on «Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons,» first evidence of indigenous configurations in Israeli approaches to the nuclear issue and non-proliferation. Israel has not recognized that possesses nuclear weapon.

According to South American expert data once a year at a nuclear reactor at Dimona nuclear munition is 3-4. As of January 2009, Israel possessed 650 kg of weapons-grade plutonium, which is equivalent to 130 warheads, if each of them contains 5 kg of plutonium.

According to estimates, the total number of nuclear weapons stored in warehouses of Israel is about 100 boezaryadov.2 plutonium nuclear weapons delivery vehicles may be F-15 and F-16, «Kfir» missile «Jericho-1» and «Jericho -2 «.

In the Israeli Navy, the engineers apparently drove quantity of nuclear material to the size of warhead «Harpoon» and changed the guidance system, so missiles could hit targets on the ground. In the current time in the Mediterranean waters are constantly on duty is one of the 3 Israeli submarines that guarantees to Israel views the CDF, in the case of enemy attack immediate riposte. Any submarine can carry on board up to 5 missiles modified «Harpoon» (Sub Harpoon), with a range of 80 miles. By some estimates, the Israeli navy is armed with 16 units. This system implements.

Since 1990, Israel is forced missile programs from a new direction, associated with sea cruise missiles (SLCM). Taken as the standard South American SLCM «Tomahawk», whose presence in the composition of the Israeli Navy would allow them to approach the level of armament to certain NATO members in the Eastern Mediterranean (Turkey, Greece).

Maybe Israel has already made its cruise missiles. Thus, the London Sunday Times newspaper on June 18, 2000 gave the information that Israel conducted tests KR Popeye Turbo own production with Dolfin submarine off the coast of Sri Lanka in May 2000. The missile reportedly hit a target at a distance of about 1500 km, which corresponds to the requirements of the Israeli missile capabilities of this class.

Israel’s possession of the Kyrgyz Republic with a range of 1,500 km is indirectly confirmed reports of the existence of a cooperation agreement in the field of nuclear weapons between India and Israel, in which, namely, states that «… nuclear cooperation plan … is dependent on the 3-Israeli … class submarines Dolfin, who made Israel armed cruise missiles Popeye Turbo, capable of carrying a nuclear warhead to a distance of 1,500 km «. [6]

Israel — the only one in the Middle East a nuclear power, with the highest degree of probability of having nuclear weapons systems on land, sea or air. With all this, the possibility to make rocket launches nuclear warheads from submarines, which has not previously been clear for Israel is a fundamental deterrent in relations with the Arab states in the region.

Should be prepared for the fact that Israel will shift from the thesis of «nuclear ambiguity» to legalize its own nuclear status and recognizes its nuclear capabilities.

Follow likely step — refusal of «nuclear monopoly» in the Middle East, international obligations and the right to use nuclear weapons in case of danger the existence Countries Israel. This proposition follows from the analysis of the positions of political control of the country over the past 9 years: injection insecurity, ambiguity and action usmotritelnoe sensing strength of the nonproliferation regime.

Nedavneshnego condition before time transformation of conceptual approaches to the nuclear issue in Israel including the presence of «two years of peace» when growing up Arab level of confrontation. A new approach to Israel’s nuclear policy may find support from the United States and other nuclear powers are prone to welcome tougher inspection regime’s nuclear facilities in the states of the region.

Together with that no Arab country has never used a weapon with uranium innards. Taking into account that in the war against Lebanon (and earlier against Iraq in the first Gulf War) unpleasant side practically experienced in combat weapon criteria on new physical principles, which led to radioactive areas of infection.

Our homeland should initiate the adoption of the UN document prohibiting uranium gun with «stuffing»; new types of weapons, the use of which has gone beyond existing international treaties, other new weapons, which have a lasting negative impact on the environment.

Anatoly Tsiganok

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