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WEATHER twenty-first century. Humanity develops high-tech and seriously thinking about the settlement of the moon and nearby planets. It would seem that the inhabitants of the metropolis, as Moscow does not surprise or "flying saucers" or other anomalschinoy: people live here pragmatic and sensible. However, this does not mean that the white-stone mysterious phenomena bypassed. Take a poltergeist. Believe it or not, but over the past few years in the Moscow region have been reported for at least 6 cases of its manifestation, and did not find an explanation on the part of scientists. And by the way, Moscow — the only city in Russia, which has a service "emergency" in poltergeists.

After the Christmas break
By the end of January in the capital "Barabashka" intensified, Muscovites were again call in the "first aid" for poltergeists. Usually two weeks before the New Year and for two weeks after the phone stops. "Apparently, poltergeist a break during the holidays with the people — joke Parapsychology Foundation staff them. LL Vasiliev, in which the service is established. — The peak of requests from people and organizations have for the first months of autumn and spring. In the summer lull again: perhaps poltergeist goes on a holiday in the countryside. " President of the Foundation, MD Andrew Lee gives a recent example: "Just yesterday a woman called, told me that someone in the apartment noise, scratching, bright fly balls. Sometimes they allegedly husband sees. And that, she says, is for the past 10 years! This is impossible: poltergeist so long "lives", he usually ends by itself after a few weeks or months. A woman 68 years. It is obvious that due to the age she came violations of visual and auditory perception. It happens. "

It is no wonder that "Barabashka" most active in spring and autumn. It was at this time, "wake up" people with various mental disorders. The vast majority of calls coming into the service of "emergency" in poltergeists, is a fictitious character. That is, the phenomenon as such they have no relationship. Statistics can be seen in the interval from September 1995 to March 1997, when Moscow was a real boom. Brigade "emergency" went on calls 86 times. In 30 cases (about 35%) specialists faced with the manifestations of mental or neurological disorders. In 23 cases (27%) revealed a quite natural and material reasons that people take for poltergeist. (For example, in the old building can squeak overlap in the voids between the walls to make noise and wind, etc.) 22 calls (26%) were frankly false: anyone want to play the neighbors or acquaintances. The other "phenomena" have been disclosed as a deliberate deception — these are often guilty of children and adolescents.

"But in the two cases, the" fire "poltergeists we were unable to identify the facts of fraud, deceit and themselves burned — continues to Andrew Lee. — In Kolomna after spontaneous combustion couch with him was torn off paneling, and it turned out that there was another inside center, but he did not have time to flare up. It was a lot of points where the charred cotton wool. Another source of the fire in the same apartment was found in the kitchen. He was inside the concrete wall. Although no wiring was not there, the flames burst out from there. "

It is not clear why, but most often in the service of "emergency" in poltergeists turn Muscovites who live in the area of road enthusiasts, Warsaw highway, Kuzminok, Lublin. To the north of the capital, the center of almost call. In the 3-4 week accepted the call. And in the mid-90's the same number of calls could be heard daily. "Usually at the first phone call we make an idea of what it is — an imitation, mental illness, or indeed about the phenomenon, — says Andrew Lee. — We check out for free, but only if the fact of the poltergeist then confirmed. If it turns out that it was an imitation, drawing, we ask our job to pay. What was once warned by phone, why waste the time to install CCTV? "

The service uses a small video camera — such as those used in conventional security systems in shops, offices, etc. If the customer insists that the house was something wrong and inexplicable, cameras installed in the rooms, the kitchen, in the hallway. Tenants are asked to record in a notebook all the poltergeist (for example: "In the cup fell 19.30, to 20.05 broken clock"), and then is compared with the video. If imitation is the poltergeist, it opens very quickly.

Andrew Lee demonstrates on the video is an example. Live in the apartment her mother, grandmother and a boy. Arriving on a call, the team found the kitchen a complete mess — scattered utensils, pots of food fell out. Followed by a record produced by cameras installed. That's down the hall is a grandmother (a superstitious old woman wandering around the apartment with icons, crosses). Behind her, a little stiff quietly taking a book off the shelf and throws her grandmother over his head. Groaning, she goes into a room at the table — to write "protocol". Granddaughters follows her, grabs a hammer and throws him into the corner, almost breaking the camera. "He and my mother's clothes tomato paste squeezed from a tube — grins Andrew Lee — scissors in her grandmother rushed. Why teenagers do it? Apparently, there is a redistribution of social roles in the family, there are any conflicts. Someone wants to pay attention to it. Previously, we assumed that people mimic the poltergeist, being in an altered state of consciousness. This is called "darkening twilight": lit a match, and he does not remember. No, it turned out that all of them are in clear consciousness. "

Exposing the simulator is not always fast. In one case, a 15-year long dunce of researchers led by the nose "phenomenon". Keenly aware that the cameras are not particularly clear up, he arranged a short circuit, while apartment remained without electricity, imitated poltergeist — throwing objects, arranged small arson. On the cunning ruse had to answer: Camcorders summed independent power source, and the teenager soon found out.

Curiously, many Muscovites, whose apartments are heard strange sounds, does not want to have their "Barabashka" was material nature. So, once the team of "first aid", arriving on call, heard that the walls of the apartment something knocks. Plotting the duration and intensity of the attacks, experts have determined that the noise is distributed is not "abnormal" way, but a very orderly manner, that is, according to physical laws. It was found that the wall of the old house has a cavity — there is a pebble stuck in the web and shaken with air, rhythmically tapping on the wall. When the owner explained everything and showed he almost cried, "Well, how so? I used to communicate with him, to consult. I will ask him a question and listen, knock or not. And how am I now without him? "

"For someone so" barabashka "becomes almost a family member — shares the observations of Andrew Lee. — Many people like to be the center of attention. The family becomes a kind of special, "chosen." They come journalists, government officials come. The neighbors are jealous. So do not all rush to part with his "Barabashka 'homes. They are given names that give them anthropomorphic, that is, human-like, features. Someone is trying to appease the old fashioned way with their food, puts sugar in the kitchen, leaving the water. But the real poltergeist — it is not some separate entity, which was the alleged parallel to us from another world or. This phenomenon can not be separated from the man. There is such a thing — the media poltergeist. Here with them to work in the first place ".

Lucky Break
TURNS OUT, poltergeist possible only in the presence of a man who "guilty" in the occurrence of the phenomenon, the thing that is called a carrier. If the media is sleeping or not at home, nothing to fear, "barabashka" does not find himself. The task of the service "emergency" in the fact to check whether there is or there is the phenomenon of adulteration.

"Man, causing a poltergeist, has unique abilities, but, as a rule, does not know about it. Simply put, it produces a physical effect on the strength of his subjects thought — explains Andrew Lee. — As I watched the media poltergeist destroyed porcelain sink in the bathroom — it cracked and broke into pieces. These psychic abilities can be saved and sent in a different direction, for the benefit of itself and the surrounding medium — for example, on healing. And you can lose them forever. It all depends on the person himself: how he will dispose of this gift? We explain the media and the poltergeist: look, it's a gift. Many people pay a lot of money and go on courses to develop the abilities such as they are given to you by nature. "

Some people believe that a poltergeist — a curse, evil eye, induced deterioration, etc. hypotheses attempting to explain the phenomenon, a lot. Some believe that the apartment where he lived "barabashka" is "the door to the fifth dimension." Some believe that in this way have an effect aliens. Such is our mentality around to look for the irrational, mystical explanation. In fact, a manifestation of poltergeist — a special activity of the brain that needs to be thoroughly studied. In Soviet times, this was done in some institutions (and academic), and now to the phenomenon of interest from scientists unabated: how to explain that a person who, according to long-held beliefs, allocates no more energy than a standard light bulb is able to move objects, cause a fire or condense moisture from the air? Metropolitan Service "emergency" when poltergeists — a kind of mediator, buffer organization. Having identified a man with psychic powers, workers are "transfer" of its scientists. Of course, not a straitjacket, but on a voluntary basis: medium poltergeist offer to be tested in a scientific institution.

Where thicker than water?
Muscovites want to get rid of "barabashek" rife. In one of the "companies" have told us that learned to eliminate the poltergeist in the comfort of the walls of his office: "We listen to the story of the victim and determine what the essence moved into his home and where it came from. Then work with that entity in the distance. As a result, it is sent into the world, where was. A man comes home and discovers that the poltergeist is no more. "

"Nonsense full — says Andrew Lee. — We are strongly against the mystical interpretations of the poltergeist. Despite the fact that the first acquaintance with the phenomenon occurs quivering terror (still do not forget how in one of the suburban town of "fire poltergeist" burnt whole apartment), its nature is purely physical. We have developed techniques that allow you to manage the process — for example, translate "fire poltergeist" in the "motor", which is still safer. "

After each service check out "emergency" is a report. The client receives a document with a seal, which describes all the details of the visit, including an answer to the main question: is there in the apartment "barabashka" or the reason for the observed eccentricities of something else? By the way, often do not become initiators out by tenants and employees … DEZov. The utility can not grasp how in the living room suddenly there is water which fills the lower floors — that's the call to the service. For such cases, parapsychologists have developed instruction. It is called: "Instructions for employees of local governments on actions in the event of a poltergeist." You can laugh, but six media phenomenon in the Moscow region has managed to identify. And it's probably not the limit. The main thing for the authorities — remain vigilant.

Our information. Poltergeist means "noisy ghost." It usually starts with the sound of the source of which can not be established, and the displacement of small objects. Dishes, banks, and other fragile items can be broken down by themselves, furniture — capsize, clothes and towels — tie themselves into knots. Possible self-operating switches and regulators, changes in work hours, counters, phones, electronic equipment. In addition to "sound" and "motor" poltergeist distinction between "water" and "fire." The floor and furniture appear puddles in the air occur jets of water are directed at people and objects. But the most dangerous "fire" Poltergeist: as a result of spontaneous combustion — clothing, paper, curtains — can burn the whole apartment.

Poltergeist phenomenon has been known for a long time. It has been repeatedly recorded in the documents. Described the case as in 1871, the Orthodox priest was trying to fight the "evil spirits", which manifested themselves in the form of fiery flashes poltergeist. My father beat them and failed. And in 1863 in the suburb of Kharkov strange phenomena that occurred in the house of the chief landmark equestrian team, have led to the fact that he faced legal action.

The most promising hypothesis to explain the phenomenon of poltergeist is a cryogenic effect — the rapid, sometimes explosion in temperature change in a small region of space. Perhaps for this reason, in the hearth of no more than a few cubic millimeters, there is fire, or, on the contrary, the selection of moisture from the air. "The explosion kriobomby" is able to move objects or destroying them. A person who is a carrier of poltergeist, however acts as a catalyst for this phenomenon. The energy required to create a cryogenic effect, unwittingly, he draws from surrounding sources. Thus, it is seen that the poltergeist household electric meters record the very high cost of energy.


AIF Moscow 4 (550), 2004

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