Yekaterinburg: record cold accompanied by glowing halo!




The record in this winter frosts in Yekaterinburg — down to minus 25 degrees — were accompanied by an unusual atmospheric phenomenon today — glowing halo. Thousands of residents watched iridescent glow in the form of multi-colored vertical pillars and arches, which arose as a result of refraction and reflection of sunlight from ice crystals formed in cirrus clouds at a height of about 12 km.

Meanwhile, reported Uralgidromete such infrequent in the Urals atmospheric phenomenon may repeat — forecasters predict a decrease in temperature over the weekend by 2-3 degrees.

In the north of the Sverdlovsk region, the thermometer fell to the level of today minus 33 degrees, and malovetrenaya weather, according to weather forecasters, leads to the accumulation of smog over major cities, and in the next few days in the Sverdlovsk region is expected storm warning. ITAR-TASS.

Battery News 18.02.2004

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