02.07.2011 year. The construction of the 115 MW CCGT in Kursk

June 2, 2011
Photo source:kurskweb.ru

June 2, 2011, a solemn ceremony to mark the completion of the construction of combined cycle gas turbine capacity of 115 MW boiler at the Northwest area of the city of Kursk (Kursk branch of JSC "Quadra").

Boiler room of the North-West region (KSZR) of the city of Kursk was commissioned in 1985. It was designed to heat the North-West Residential District, as well as in heat under construction at the time in the immediate vicinity of the plant KSZR low voltage equipment (NCA). In the future construction of the plant was closed, and now carries heat KSZR residents intensively developing the Southwest residential neighborhood, and a new neighborhood in the city of Kursk, Victory Avenue, home to 150,000 people. Due to the deterioration of the station power company management decided to KSZR reconstruction and construction of combined cycle gas turbine installed capacity of 115 MW boiler and transfer into the category of CHP. Construction of PGU-115 MW was started in 2007.

Photo source:kurskweb.ru

The project is a part of the investment program of JSC "Quadra", implemented within the framework of contracts of adhesion capacity. As part of the 2015 plans to build generation facilities with a total installed capacity of 1,092 MW. CCGT-115 at KSZR of Kursk consists of two gas turbines manufactured by «General Electric» (USA) LM6000 PD SPRINT capacity of 45 MW each and a steam turbine production "Kaluga Turbine Plant" (GTC) T-25/34-3, 4 / 0.12 25 MW, two heat-recovery steam production of ZIO Podolsk Pr-75-39-440 D and two sets of compressor stations.
The plant is almost completely automated.

Photo source:kurskweb.ru

As the president of the group "Onexim" Mikhail Prokhorov, for JSC "Quadra" PGU-115 MW — this is the fourth object that is being installed in the investment program of the company.

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