10.08.2011 year gasify village Gorodensk Lgovskiy Kursk region

August 10th ceremony of release of the gas through the pipeline in the village of Gorodensk Lgovskiy district.

 Photo source:sdelanounas.ru

This year has been built and put into operation inter-settlement gas pipeline "etc. Mykolaivka — x. October — with. Gorodensk — Lyushinka d — s. Suburban Sloboda "length of about 14 kilometers. In parallel, were built 21 kilometers of gas distribution networks in Gorodensk village council, which allowed the natural gas to 422 homes. Also, it is planned to transfer to a gaseous fuel boilers three social and cultural institutions of the village council.
Since 2001, the district Lgovsky built and put into operation 350 km of gas distribution networks, gas supply natural gas to more than 6,000 apartments have been translated into two gas boilers.

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