100-mm naval gun AK113

Asreportedin the newspaper"Arsenal"(№ 15 dated September 27, 2013) — the corporate edition of the St. Petersburg JSC "Machine-Building Plant" Arsenal "- currently number 159 in the bureau of" M3 "Arsenal" initiative is performed development work on the theme of "Creating srednekalibernoy naval artillery installation c inertial supply of ammunition. "develop products has received the preliminary designation AU AK113 (chief designer — PI Nemirovsky.) is used as the prototype AC A190 100 mm caliber.

By AK113 project was demanded: not yielding to combat weight and size and characteristics of the prototype, to ensure the stability of reliability developed by the installation rate of fire 80 rounds per minute. A prototype of such stability is different mainly because of supply failures.

(S) of "Machine-Building Plant" Arsenal "  In accordance with the requirement in the first place has been developed a new delivery system called inertial. In the inertial movement unitary portable supply shots at feed sites occurs continuously and with constant speed, which eliminates considerable dynamic loads on the mechanism of these nodes and hence eliminates system failures due to occurrence of such stresses.

Inertial feeding system includes shop, two chain-type elevator, two feeder made in the form of a bogie of conveyors and two loader in communication with the respective elevators feeders.

When refueling rotary magazine and two feeders shots (ammunition, ready for automatic shooting — 94 shots) information about the type of projectile and that nest in which the rotor is installed every shot, entered into the controller. Memory type projectile and control the location of each shot by a sensor of angular position indicated in the actuator assemblies, and with a proximity sensor mounted on the respective portions of feeding.

Moving shots with minimal accelerations during their movement on portable nodes inertial flow and smooth movement unstressed shots when relative motion eliminates dynamic loads on the mechanism of these nodes and hence eliminates system failures due to occurrence of such nagruzok.Modulnoe performance inertial flow allows place at the facility ready for automatic firing ammunition of 94 shots.

From the reports Zatsepina M. and S. Tikhonov
at the IV Youth Science and Technology Conference
"Innovation arsenal of Youth"

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