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                                                 "Kuznetsov" 100 Years

Engine-building plant "Kuznetsov" traces its history from the fall of 1912. It was in Moscow at the Nicholas Street (now Weaving), on the basis of handicraft workshops opened a small factory of French Society of Mechanical engines "Gnome". 

Today "Smith" — the leading Russian enterprise for the production of aircraft gas turbine engines, drives, pumping units and modular power plants, liquid rocket engines for space launch of the R-7.

The history of the company started in 1912 year. Then, on the basis of semi-artisan workshops located on the outskirts of Moscow to Nikolaev Street (now Weaving) assembly plant built aircraft engines semitsilindrovyh star-French company "Dwarf" 80 hp of parts supplied from France. They were installed on the aircraft, "Newport 4", "Farman-16", etc. 1915the company "Dwarf" annexed the motor company "Ron", creating a firm "Gnome and Ron."

The most powerful at the time engines (150 hp and 220) were collected in a small factory of French company "Salmson", is located near the area of Semyonov. Facility staff was French, parts and components and engines were imported from France.

In 1915 year, was evacuated from Riga to Moscow plant "Motor", produces engines "Kalep-80" motors and parts "Dwarf" and "Ron." The factory is located now serving near the Danilov area.

In 1920 was nationalized factories "Gnome and Ron," "Motor" and "Salmson" numbers assigned State Aviation Plant — GAS 2.4 and 6, respectively. With 1922 the plant "Gnome-Rhone" was named GAZ number 2, "Icarus". In 1924 there was a change: a "GAZ» № 4 "Motor" attached plant number 6 (formerly "Salmson"). In 1925, the company was named MV Frunze.

Since the area of the plant "Icarus" would not allow him to grow more in 1927 took the historic for "Icarus" and "Motor" solution: combine the two companies into one. The new plant became known as the "United gosaviazavod number 2 and number 4 Frunze." Soon the name was shortened significantly, "plant number 24 it. Frunze. "  

              In the 1930s of the last century to plant them. MV Frunze began production of liquid-cooled piston engines AM-34 designed by AA Mikulin. While this engine was the best piston engine in the world and was placed on the TB-3, P-7, ANT-25, etc. Known in aviation records crews Chkalov, M. Gromov’s, S.Shestakova, A.Yumasheva, G.Baydukova, A. Belyaev, S.Danilina were put on airplanes with engines produced by the plant, which now bears the name of "Smith."

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In October 1941 the factory was evacuated to Kuibyshev on the territory of the plant was being built number 337. As soon as possible the production of engines AM-38, which has begun in Moscow for the Il-2 was reopened on a new site. During the war years (from 1941 to 1945.) Was released 25443 AM-38F engine, 10242 AM-42 (for IL-10), as well as engines AM-35 (for the MiG-1) and GAM-34BS (for torpedo boats ). In the late 1940’s — early 1950’s. the company launched a series of turbojet engines VC-1, Klimov designed for frontline aircraft IL-28 and MiG-15, RD-900 — ramjet MM Bondaryuk for unmanned aircraft target La-17 and RD-012 supersonic intercontinental cruise missile for "The Tempest" Lavochkin.

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Space page in the history of the company was opened in 1957 year, immediately after the launch of the first artificial Earth satellite. Rocket engines RD-107 and RD-108 and their modifications developed in OKB "Energomash" (now the "Energomash"), under the leadership of VP Glushko, serially produced for over fifty years. Since that time, all manned space flight vehicles of the "Vostok", "Voskhod", "union", "Progress", etc. appear to orbit launch vehicle (LV) of the R-7A with engine production

Of "Smith".

Since the second half of the 1950 years at the plant began to be introduced in series production engine family brand "NC", developed in the bureau chief designer ND Kuznetsov. Since then, for more than 60 years of combined enterprise partnerships: EDO been developing engines Plant. MV Frunze their commercially produced. Originally design office (in consequence of "SNTK. Kuznetsov") was formed in Kuibyshev in 1946 year Order of the Ministry of Aviation Industry (№ 228 of April 19, 1946) by the Council of Ministers (Decision № 874-366 on April 17, 1946), entitled The State of alliance pilot plant number 2.

From October 1946 to December 1953 at the plant number 2 were German specialists (engineers and technicians) aircraft engine companies "Junkers", "BMW" and "Askaniya" with their families. Together with the designers of the enterprise they worked on improving jet engines 004 (based on the Jumo-004), 012B (based on the Jumo-012), 003C (based on the BMW-003) and 022 turboprop (based on the Jumo-022).

April 15 1949 year to strengthen technical leadership of chief designer of the plant number 2 is assigned and transferred from Ufa Nikolai Kuznetsov. In the early 50s the company has developed a prototype DB-engine two-seat trainer 2TV-2F (later NC-12) with a capacity 12,500 hp for the strategic bomber Tu-95. Since 1954 and for over half a century, this engine and its modifications — NK-12M, NK-12MV, NK-12mA, NK-12MK, NC-12MP, NK-12MPT (capacity of 12,000 to 15,000 hp) standard they are produced in the factory. Frunze. Engines installed on the Tu-142, AN-22 "Antey", on commercial passenger aircraft Tu-114, winged "Eaglet" and other aircraft.

August 27, 1953 a pilot plant number 2 renamed the pilot plant number 276. July 12 1957 years for the creation of NK-12 was awarded the Order of Lenin.

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Since the early 1970s, companies develop and mass-produce the type of aircraft gas turbine engines for the gas industry. The first domestic GTE NK-12ST 6.3 MW was established in 1974 on the basis of theater NK-12MV. Currently, these engines are run at 117 compressor stations in the 852 gas compressor units GPA-C-6, 3. In 1982, on the basis of NK-8-2U (operated by Tu-154 and Il-62) was established ground engine NK-16ST capacity of 16 MW.

ND Kuznetsov was the general designer of OKB until 1994. During this time, under his leadership, was created 57 original and modified engines. Among them, the SC-12, SC-4, SC-8, OC-22, OC-25, OC-144, OC-86, OC-88, OC-89, OC-321, OC-93. The development of virtually all engines came in close cooperation with the "Samara Design Bureau of Machine Building" (JSC "SKBM", formerly "Kuibyshev Engineering Design Bureau"), based in 1957 year as a branch of the Design Bureau and became independent in 1967 in order to carry out works to improve the reliability and service life in mass production and operation of various types of aircraft engine design bureau Kuznetsova.

In 1966 experienced by the plant number 276 assigned a public name of "Kuibyshev Engine Company" MAP ". In 1967 by himself and returned the name of the Plant. MV Frunze, until this year, he spent six years has been kept secret and worked under the name "Organization p / 32."

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Next rename the company was only in 1994 year, when it was transformed into JSC "Motorostroitel." At the same time, "Kuibyshev Scientific and Production Association" Work "(the name of the bureau with 1981 year) Renamed OJSC "Samara Scientific-Technical Complex" NK Motors. " Two years later, on January 11 1996 year Samara Scientific-Technical Complex named after ND Kuznetsov.

NC 32

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The protracted crisis of engine-related industry and industry trends mid-1990s, early 2000s. Samara put the company on the brink of survival. This model has all the company also produce engines for the Russian space program and the gas industry, but the volume of orders dropped significantly. In compliance with the orders of the state new aircraft engines actually produced and implemented a repair of existing products.

Kuznetsov NK 33

April 16, 2008 year President of Russia signed a decree number 497 "On further development of" OPK "Oboronprom", according to which in the created "United Engine Corporation" JSC had to enter "Motorostroitel", JSC "SNTK. ND Kuznetsov ", JSC" SKBM "and NGO" Volga Avita. "

In 2009 , the company came under the control of "UK" United Engine Corporation "(" MC "UEC"). At that time, the total debt burden of "Motorostroitel", JSC "SNTK. ND Kuznetsov ", and of" SKBM "exceed 7 billion. For their withdrawal from the verge of bankruptcy, the successful implementation of investment projects and the further development of effective, it was decided to merge the companies into one legal entity. It was also decided to include in the merged company — JSC "NPO" Volga Aviation Institute of Technology. " This company was founded on the basis of Kuibyshev branch NIAT and NIID and is a multi-branch institute of the Russian Federation.

June 27, 2011 in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (Incorporation) the entry was made to join the JSC "Kuznetsov" three companies: JSC "SNTK. ND Kuznetsov ", OJSC" Samara Design Bureau of Machine Building "and JSC" NPO "Volga Avita." Thus, the company is now Samara engine-complex completed the legal process of reorganization. At present JSC "Smith" is an integrated structure in which concentrated all the phases of the technological chain Engine development — production — to market and sell — logistical support the operation of the client (customer).

                                 Happy holiday Kuznetsov

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