15,000 lives saved over three years of cardiology center in Astrakhan

April 14, 2009 in the Federal Center for Cardiovascular Surgery was performed the first operation, this date is considered the birthday of the Astrakhan Cardiology Center, built in the framework of the national project "Health".

Today, on account of medical institutions 15,000 lives saved, of which 1.3 thousand — children. Operations in kardiotsente are free. 

Chief physician Dmitry Tarasov said that currently Cardiology specializes in operations, planning surveys, follow-up, emergency care. In the long term — the transplant operations. "We have already made three autologous heart here in the center" — Said Dmitry Tarasov.  



Visit Cardiovascular Surgeons of Norway in Astrakhan Cardiology (November 2011)


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